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He that is not with me is against me.

Matt. 12,30

When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

Luke 18,8


As the Western world gradually loses and, indeed, abolishes the last vestiges of Faith in Christ, sweeping aside His Church and His teachings, so it replaces the worship of the Christian God with the worship of others. This process began a long time ago and consists of three stages. These are the three stages of any sin: distraction by temptation, entertainment of temptation and the committing of sin.

The first stage is disbelief in the Church. It began when people sought something to replace Church life, by 'dissporting' themselves, that is, finding 'amusements' or 'distractions'. In the course of the early twentieth century this process went from relatively innocent, football matches with hymn-singing on Saturday afternoons and music-hall songs to the open idolising of sinners.

The second stage is disbelief in the devil. It became evident in the late twentieth century. Starting by reproducing demonic imagery, it trivialised the existence of imps, demons and devils, hell and the language of hell, the cult of Lucifer, called Satan, making them banal. This stage was not concerned with being distracted from 'the one thing needful' (Luke 10,42), but with entertaining the sources of temptation.

The third stage is disbelief in God. In the twenty-first century the world is going from the cult of human idols and trivialising the sources of temptation to this stage. This is the open spreading of godlessness, of atheism, the illusion that there is no God and that therefore everything is permissible. In other words, we are now seeing the covert acceptance of atheism becoming the overt practice of atheism.


This cult developed rapidly after World War I, when, instead of obeying the commandment 'to love one another', tens of millions followed orders to kill one another. After that War, many of the survivors, in a state of unrepentance, began to worship new 'matinee idols', models, actors and singers, 'celebrities' who were dubbed 'stars' by those who promoted them in the 'entertainment industry'. Weekly, millions of film and music magazines were sold, telling of the broken marriages and scandalous and immoral lives of these individuals and making them into models to be followed by their 'fans'.

A turning-point came in the early 1960s when the singer John Lennon asserted quite sincerely that the Beatles were more important than Christ. Later he proposed in a song called 'Imagine' a world without any faith at all. Today we have reached a point when with global television and over 500 channels, 'celebrities' are known not merely as 'stars', but as 'supermodels', 'megastars', 'pop idols' and 'icons'. They have become 'role-models', and each attempts to project an 'image' (the Latin word for 'icon'), helped by 'image-makers' and consultants. Other 'stars' actually cultivate illness or even demonic imagery and blasphemy. There has been a number of notorious cases in 'rock and roll' music and heavy metal groups, of individuals dressed in black and disguised as demons, speaking the words of hell. No wonder that the theatre and 'entertainments' were frowned upon by the early Christians as pagan hotbeds of vice.

The same cult of idols has developed in the world of sport, especially in football. The passionate supporters of football teams are also known as 'fans', from the word 'fanatics'. They dress themselves and paint their faces in the tribal colours of their 'team'. Spending sometimes over £100 a week on their cult, they get into debt in order to support a particular team, spend their time looking at club websites, receiving and sending text messages about idolised players, buying clothes and furnishings in club colours. As a result, football club shares are quoted on Stock Exchanges and the world's first club to be worth a billion pounds now exists. Many wonder if real sport exists any more in a world where commercialised sport is merely another industry.

Curiously, if ever these 'fans' were to go to a church service, most would not put more than small change into a collection plate. Indeed in recent times, the football cult has been transferred to Sundays, so that it has actually replaced for many even the concept of going to church on a Sunday. And yet it would cost them much less. Moreover, this same cult is now being pursued by other sports - rugby, tennis, golf, racing etc.

Furthermore, in this country the word 'football' is also often associated with the word 'hooligan'. In fact all over the world there have been cases of murders, stabbings, violence and hooliganism, associated with football (and encouraged by the media). Hundreds have died in stampedes of crowds connected with football matches. There is little doubt that thousands have died, sacrificial victims of the development of the passionate football cult.

In this context of 'sport', we cannot fail to mention a multi-billion pound extension of the sport cult, the Olympic Games. The next ones will be held in Greece. Facilities must be built and the Greek government is getting its people even further into debt in order to pay for these 'Games'. A brothel town for the use of spectators and participants is being prepared. This should not be a surprise. These games after all are only glorifying the cult of the human body. The gladiators of pagan Rome were treated in the same way. No wonder that the original Olympics were stopped by Christians who considered them pagan. What would they have said at the sight of young women and girls in a state of undress, outperforming one another in physical feats?

Although some would say that these modern 'gladiators' of sport do not face death like those of old, even this is not true. Most modern athletes and sports 'personalities' take drugs in a huge industry of body-building. Steroids and 'performance-enhancing' drugs are developed and sold to professionals and amateurs alike, turning over billions of dollars annually. The past cases in Communist East Germany and China where women were forced into becoming men are well-known. But in the modern West, individuals are now wrecking their bodies voluntarily. The result: the life-expectancy of athletes is much reduced by their self-doping. Their 'sport' is in fact suicide in slow motion.


In this way, in the first half of the twentieth century Western man was 'distracted' by this first stage of idolatry. Idolising and making 'icons' of the immoral devotees and 'stars' of the cult of the human body, it was possible to 'progress' to the second stage of spiritual degeneration. This was the cultivation of these temptations through the concept that they had not come from other beings, but that they were part of human freedom and achievement. This is the destruction of human 'prejudices' against the 'irrational' concept that there exist negative spiritual forces, in which temptations have their source. It means that demonic imagery must be spread, to make the existence of demons seem trivial, irrelevant folklore.

Thus, as we have already seen in the case of certain 'rock stars', new depths were plumbed with the spread of demonic imagery. The second half of the twentieth century also saw the revival and spread of the pagan feast of Hallowe'en, in which children are encouraged to dress as imps and devils with horns and tails. The corruption of children in this way, the destruction of innocence, ensures that there will be a whole generation of Western people for whom devilish images are not harmful, merely playful. They actually believe that they are taking part in nothing more than a modern mockery of ignorant superstitions from the past.

Advertising also used demonic images very widely, to sell all manner of everyday consumer products - from matches to kitchen knives and medicine. One of the first such products, safety matches, were actually called 'lucifers'. A more recent product, branded as 'kitchen devils', consists of very sharp knives. It will not be long before someone is murdered in a kitchen with one of his instruments, branded under his name. In such a way the imagery of the demonic becomes commonly accepted, banal and trite. Thus the term 'from hell' has now similarly become common. Bad neighbours are referred to as 'neighbours from hell', a bad holiday as 'a holiday from hell' etc.

Together with this we see the more and more common use of the language of hell - foul language which has now become an epidemic. As a child, I had never even heard these words until my teens, now five year-olds from all backgrounds know them and use them. Today, demonic speech can be overheard on a daily basis on the streets, in shops, in buses and on television, where foul language is much promoted. In this way blasphemy is trivialised and intimate human relations are brought down to the level of swine.

The cult of demons has also been made banal through horror stories and films. It started with the cult of vampires - the word 'dracula' actually means 'devil' in Romanian. The cult of beings sucking the spiritual blood out of Western society then developed further when, a generation ago, notorious films such as 'The Exorcist' first broke down resistance to this theme. Certain authors have made the theme of horror and the demonic common, often writing while 'inspired' under the influence of alcohol. Others have made use of drugs to produce 'artistic works', music and theatre, asserting that they too find 'inspiration' in mindless states, mental vacuums.

Connected with this, another cult also developed in the second half of the twentieth century, especially since the demonic events of World War II, which claimed over fifty million human lives. This is the cult of so-called 'extraterrestrials'. In this cult, beings of fire and light came down from the air from another 'dimension' (and we know which one) and visited human-beings, sometimes abducting them. They were able to fly though space and time. All the accounts of these beings describe them exactly as demons, who are, of course, extraterrestrial. The German writer, Erich von Daniken, suggested that we should worship these beings, since they were of much greater intelligence than human beings and were responsible for the triumphs of the pagan world - as of course they were. One blasphemous film of the Jewish director Spielberg actually portrayed one of these extraterrestrial demons in a film 'for children' and then told the Gospel story through it.

We can see that in this cult of demons, we are now returning to a new age - the old age of the past. This was when the demons concealed themselves in idols of water, wood and stone. Now the same is happening, the demons are receiving human worship once more, in crystals, sculptures, metals, and they are receiving the naive and primitive worship of the 'modern' 'sophisticated' and 'enlightened' pagan masses. We know the light with which they have been enlightened. It is not the light of Christ - it is the light of the Light-Bearer - Lucifer. However, this second stage is not yet the final one in Western man's spiritual decomposition. There is another stage to 'progress' to.


Distracted from the Church, Western man has become addicted to the idolatry of 'stars' of acting, singing and sport. Deluded, Western man has been conditioned to think that there is no such thing as the demonic, but paradoxically worships the demons, thinking that all available temptations should be entertained and cultivated as the fruit of human freewill and 'creative imagination'. It is time to come to the third stage, to action.

The announcement in England on Sunday 15 February 2004, the Sunday of the Last Judgement, that ideologists close to the self-deluded Blair government wish to indoctrinate English schoolchildren with atheism announces this third stage in this process of spiritual decline and ignorance. Soviet-style atheist indoctrination, long ago abandoned in spiritually awakening Russia, has now arrived in the West, inspired by a host of gleeful demons. So much for the victory of the free world. The new pagans are not at the gates - they are inside the city and have been for a very long time.

It is clear that in the short-term, the step about to be taken under the present government, will take time to implement. First, the thought of atheist indoctrination must be widely accepted before it can be put into action. Then the proposal to 'teach' atheism to schoolchildren who have no religious experience or knowledge, so they can 'make up their own minds' can be put into action. Why is this sin of atheism the triumph of hell?

Atheism is the greatest triumph of the demons, for the most effective weapon in their tortuous armoury is the spread of disbelief in God, the emptying of the human soul so that it is ready for sin which cannot be repented for. Spiritual death is their goal and their cackling laugh now resounds in the echoing emptiness of human souls. Once emptied of every spiritual impulse, through the cult of immoral 'stars', once deluded into thinking that all our acts are free acts, for we are too intelligent to be influenced by nonsensical and non-existent spiritual forces outside us, we are at last ready to deny the existence of God altogether.

Atheism is the final piece of foolishness, the final sin, for it announces that man no longer wishes to recognise any spiritual reality at all. He freely renounces his own immortal soul and in so doing, he willingly hands himself over to the power of the demons, under the illusion that he is wise, educated, modern and liberated. In reality he is enslaved to Satan who has flattered the primitive spiritual ignorance of modern humanity as 'intelligence'.

Satan has told man that he is modern and enlightened because he believes that there is no God. Man has swallowed the bait. In post-Revolutionary Russia the godless wished to erect a statue of the betrayer, Judas. Although they did not manage to do this there, be sure that it will come about in the West. That two thousand year-old desire and dream of Satan will be realised here.

What is the plot? Why all this long-term, gradual, but very thorough, preparation? What is this all building up to? The illusion of atheism is not the end of this road to hell: it is merely part of that cunning, long-term plot to reach the fourth stage, to finally foist on mankind the greatest deceit of them all: the presence among men and voluntary adoration by them of the Great Magician, the Master Illusion-Maker, the Deceiver Himself.


Atheism is the greatest of all illusions, the ultimate self-delusion. It conceals reality. In fact, no such thing as atheism exists or can exist. Although the existence of God can be doubted, the possibility of His existence cannot be denied, nobody can honestly be an atheist. But once God is denied, the emptied human heart becomes the possession of the Evil One, the place where he can at last be enthroned once more.

Man has a natural need to worship a being higher than himself. Once the actors, singers and sportsmen have become idols, once the cult of demonic imagery has everywhere been accepted, once 'traditional' religion has been overthrown through the banalities of atheist indoctrination in schools, the time will come for a fourth stage in the process of human spiritual decline.

The time is now ripening for that coming stage, the time is coming for one to come forward to be worshipped. He will be a man with extraordinary powers. This is the advent of one who does not believe in any god - except in himself. He is the one whose coming was predicted by the Apostle John in the Book Revelation and by all the Fathers and Saints.

He is preparing his coming with great care, the whole of the twentieth century was devoted to him. However, his coming can still be delayed. The Last Judgement is coming, but it need not be today or tomorrow, or even this year or this century. Man, with his free will, can postpone that coming - or he can continue to hasten it. Everything depends on us.

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