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And you, have you repented for the Tsar slain, for Russia laid waste, for the faith profaned?

Elder Nikolai Guryanov (+ 2002)


It is now ninety years since the Bolshevik Revolution took place, ninety years since a territory the size of China, India and the USA combined, fell beneath the evil spell of atheist Western materialism. Although Communist government has now gone from it, its relics remain. By relics I do not mean the offensive place-names that still exist and the statues of Soviet mass murderers, the corpse of Lenin or the red stars on the Moscow Kremlin (1).

I mean the whole world which faces its end, not through some nuclear or ecological catastrophe, but through an ideology of idolatry. Idolatry always leads to human sacrifices, for idols take advantage of human weakness and flatteringly proclaim: ‘Do as you want, as long as you worship me’. How did the world get to this point? What has brought humanity to say: ‘We cannot go on like this?’ What was it about the Bolshevik Revolution and its aftermath that made it into the turning-point in world history?

Three Revolutions

First of all, we have to understand that the events of October 1917 represent not the First or Second, but the Third Revolution in Russian History.

The First Revolution occurred in December 1666 when an aristocratic Revolution of Westernized (mainly by Italians and Poles) boyars had Patriarch Nikon, ‘the greatest man in Russian history’, and also the most slandered, deposed. The Saducee-boyars and the Pharisee-old-ritualists had won against the vision of World Orthodoxy. This signified the end of the symphony between Church and State and opened the way for the enslavement of the Russian Church. The New Jerusalem of Holy Russia was rejected in favour of the Old Babylon of the Secular State.

The result was the Church’s subjection to the Protestant control of a Ministry of Religion, whose Ministers were sometimes not even nominally Orthodox. The consequent assault on monastic life and enserfment of the Church laid the path for the much later Sergianist enserfment under the Soviets. Inspired by the French Revolution, in 1825 the aristocrats also prepared to depose the Tsar himself, but in this they failed.

The Second Revolution came 250 years later (2), in February 1917, when a Western bourgeois Revolution deposed the Anointed of God, Tsar Nicholas, and opened the way for his martyrdom and that of all his Family a year later.

The Third Revolution came 250 days later, when, in the name of the people, atheists seized power in Russia. Inspired by the ideology of anti-religious Western materialism, these atheists were those who in 1918 martyred Tsar Nicholas and his Family. All conscious Orthodox would realize then that there could be no going back. As Trotsky commented, regicide made the Bolshevik usurpation of power irreversible. With this one act, a whole chapter of the Book of Revelation had been read and the rest of the tragic twentieth century was left to unfold its misery.

The First Revolution was an attempt to cast out the Holy Spirit from human history, by deposing the spiritual, which existed in order to counterbalance the material.

The Second Revolution was an attempt to cast out the Son from human history, by destroying the image of the Son through deposing the Lord’s Anointed.

The Third Revolution was an attempt to cast out the Father from human history, by rejecting all notion of God the Father, laying waste His House, Mother-Church, on earth and so orphaning the human family. Without the Father and the Mother, men were no longer brothers and, as Dostoyevsky had foreseen, everything was possible.

Destiny One

Each part of the planet was affected in different ways by the assassination of the Emperor Nicholas Romanov, the Lord’s Anointed, the Heir of the Christian Roman Empire. Thus:

The Orthodox World

With the rejection of the Lord’s Anointed, there began the greatest genocide known in human history. That which had been prophesied by St Seraphim of Sarov, St Theophan the Recluse, St Ignatius of the Caucasus and St John of Kronstadt now came to pass. Not even the angels in heaven had time to gather in all the human souls of the New Martyrs of Russia. Chastisement came in the Second World War, so crassly and cruelly mismanaged by Stalin. This War was lost by the anti-Russian Communist ideology of the Soviet Union, but won by the forces of Slav patriotism, stirred and interceded for by the Orthodox Church.

With the loss of the Emperor Nicholas, the protector of the Orthodox world, and with the atheist assault on the largest Orthodox Church, the benefactor of the Orthodox world, that world fell into petty nationalism, renovationism and politically-inspired division. This decadence could be clearly seen in the adoption by some parts of it of the Roman Catholic calendar and in artificially contrived jurisdictional disputes. We all know that there will not be complete peace and unity in the Orthodox world, until Orthodox Russia is restored and things fall back into their natural place.

The Roman-Catholic/Protestant World

In 1917 the Mother of God called the Western world to repentance through the voices of the innocent peasant children of remotest Fatima in neutral Portugal (3). The Western world ignored this summons to repentance. Instead of repentance, ‘the holy father’, the Emperor of one sixth of the planet, was sacrificed. Instead of repenting and helping the Russian Church, the Vatican made a compact with the devil in Moscow and tried to undermine even further that part of the Church that had not yet been martyred. After its failure there, the Vatican compromised itself with the nominal Roman Catholic Hitler and Roman Catholic Europe fell into Fascism. Fascist States were set up in Italy under Mussolini, Spain under Franco, Portugal under Salazar, in Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Vichy France. The Vatican also approved the horrors of the genocide of the Serbs by the Fascist Croats.

The Protestant world did no better, later showing its hatred for the Church of God. It sent thousands of ‘missionaries’ to the ex-Soviet Union and Eastern Europe from 1991 on, in order to ‘convert’ lapsed Orthodox to their sectarian cults, treating them as pagans. The self-punishment of this world is the self-destructive permissiveness and almost total dechristianization of the Western world today (4), not least in Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal itself. This suicidal permissiveness conformed to the post-Roman Catholic/Protestant mindset, but without the moralism of that world, reaching its most absurd form in the ideology of ‘political correctness’. Instead of trying to ‘convert’ Christians to their millennial cultural deformations of Christianity, the ‘missionaries’ of the Roman Catholic/Protestant world would do better first to convert themselves and the peoples of their own countries to Christ, as the Mother of God called them to do.

The Muslim World

Left to face Westernization without the counterbalance of an Orthodox Empire on the world stage, the Muslim world fell into weak decadence and then, by reaction, into fanatical anti-Western terrorism. Thus, today, the Western world and its Israel face a nuclear Iran and permanent war led by the likes of Bin Laden. The chances that this war will be quasi-permanent have been ensured by the US-led war of greed on the oil-trap of Iraq and the foolishness of attacking Muslim Afghanistan. There, in the 1880s, the mighty British Empire had already found victory impossible. Why not learn from the past?

The Jewish World

Seizing their opportunity immediately after the fall of the Christian Emperor, in 1917 Zionist activists forced through the Balfour Declaration, ironically ensuring that ordinary Jews in Europe would come to be hated and massacred in a terrible persecution led by jealous anti-Jewish Central Europeans. Once Zionist terrorists had grabbed Palestine for themselves, massacring peace-keeping British troops, continual war with the Arab world was ensured until the present day. Without the deposition of the Lord’s Anointed in 1917 and his martyrdom in 1918, the Western powers would not have dared do any of this. Today we would not be faced with the Apocalypse which will come through the Middle East and specifically Jerusalem, where Antichrist will be enthroned.

Great Britain

In 1917 Great Britain went bankrupt, faced at home by an Irish crisis that has continued almost to the present day, and faced overseas by the loss of its Empire. Its continual decline and humiliation into weakness meant that one country after another would extract compromises from it, including Hitler’s Germany at Munich. The result was Great Britain’s submission to the USA, which saved it from annihilation in the Second World War, and submission to Western Europe in the generation after the Second World War. As for the English-speaking colonial Empire, without the presence of a strong but just master, much of it fell to predatory exploitation, anarchy and civil war, as we have seen in recent years, for example, in South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.


As a result of its terrible losses in its Pyrrhic victory in the First World War, France lost its will and its much-vaunted grandeur and prestige. This ensured its humiliating defeat by Germany in 1940 and then defeat in the colonial bloodbaths of Madagascar Indochina and Algeria. Thus was guaranteed its ensuing and inevitable, if hotly denied, Americanization, bursting the bubble of the myth of French greatness. As for the French-speaking colonial Empire in Africa, without the presence of strong but just masters in France and Belgium, it fell even further into predatory exploitation, anarchy and finally civil war, as we have seen in recent years in Rwanda, Chad, the Congo and elsewhere.

Germany and Austro-Hungary

Humiliated in the First World War, Germany and its Austro-Hungarian ally lost their Emperors and their Empires. Germany set about revenge for its futile losses, guaranteeing the rise of the mad Austrian corporal and the horrors of the Second World War. Then twenty-two out of twenty-six European capitals were controlled by Hitler and his allies, only London and Moscow only just resisted. With its tens of millions of victims, so many of whom were also German, that War too ended in disaster. Hungary, supporting Fascism, was humiliated after those it had oppressed for so long, like Romania and Slovakia, took revenge and retrieved their territories and more. After the Second War, occupied Western Germany set about Americanizing itself, losing much of value in its own culture through its inferiority complex.


Taking advantage of both Russian Revolutions, which it encouraged, sponsored and greeted, the US government immediately entered the First World War, understanding that this was its opportunity to dominate the world after Europe’s suicide. However, in so doing, the USA undertook a whole century of war, not understanding that he who comes to power through military and economic domination then has to maintain it. The ‘white man’s burden’ of Western Europe was thus transferred to the USA, leading to war after war, whether by proxy or directly, from the Pacific to Normandy, from Korea to Vietnam, from Iran to Iraq. This American-led ‘globalization’ of ‘development’ and ‘progress’, is now bringing mankind to the brink of its own destruction.


Exploited by its decadent colonial masters, Africa freed itself after the Second World War from its unworthy colonists, but out of spite destroyed almost everything that was of value in its heritage from the West. From this point on, Africa mostly descended into anarchy, civil war, famine, AIDS, the epidemic of drugs and endemic poverty.

China and Japan

Through losing the stabilizing Russian Empire to its north, China fell to the assault of Japan, which no longer feared the Russian presence. The appalling massacres carried out in China by the Japanese forces in the 1930s and 1940s and the victory of the Soviet Union brought about Communist China. This regime committed genocide, not only in China itself, but also in Tibet. Communist China in turn collapsed economically (as all Communist regimes do) and led to the present furious and indiscriminate Capitalist exploitation. As for Japan, its error in forming an Empire through aggressive militarism brought it not only hatred all over the Pacific but also two Atomic Bombs. The only escape from this was through the renunciation of its own identity and a self-imposed, vulgar Americanization, with the loss of much that was positive in its own culture.


Throwing off the colonial exploitation of the British Empire, India entered into bloody civil war and division between Hindu and Muslim. The nationalist forces at work here have led to a sixty-year old cold war of opposition, made all the more frightening by the fact that both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers. Now that India is developing economically, the temptation for India with its billion-strong population may be to flex its muscles against the fanaticism of Pakistani Muslims, once more threatening world peace.

Destiny Two

Had the Lord’s Anointed not been deposed and assassinated in 1918, the world could have faced an alternative scenario. This is what could have been, had humanity not succumbed to evil:

The Orthodox World

With Russia victorious on the Eastern Front, its aims of securing self-rule for the Orthodox Balkans would have been achieved. The problems of ex-Yugoslavia, of Bosnia and Kosovo, would never have existed. Romania and Bulgaria would not have fallen to Westernization. Not only this, but at last Turkey would have been forced to leave Europe and Constantinople would have been freed. The last liturgy in Aghia Sofia would have been completed and the historic injustices committed by the Western barbarians in 1204 and the Eastern barbarians in 1453 would have been righted.

The Patriarchate of Constantinople would have been free to complete its historic mission of caring for the entire Greek-speaking Orthodox world, without humiliating and compromising itself with the Roman Catholic Vatican and Protestant Washington. A victorious Russian Empire would also have prevented the Turkish genocide of the Armenians and the Orthodox. The Arab Orthodox Christians of the Middle East would have been protected by the Russian Orthodox Empire and neither Islamist nor Zionist persecution would have taken place. Palestine, with its free capital in Jerusalem, would have prospered.

A victorious Russian Empire could have set up self-governing States in Finland, the Baltic States and Poland, whose authentically Polish territory would have been freed from Prussia and Austro-Hungary. Thus Poland, in its own borders, would never have undertaken the persecution of the 8,000,000 Orthodox who lived there between the First and Second World Wars. Thus, 250 Orthodox churches would not have been dynamited there with the blessing of Polish Roman Catholicism. It was for these savage crimes that Poland was punished by the invasion of Hitler and his savages, who slaughtered millions of Poles. As for the Jews of Eastern Europe, they would have been free to live in Poland in safety and without persecution, protected by the Russian Tsar, who ruled over the world’s largest multi-national and multi-religious State (5).

Russia would at last have freed all Orthodox from Austro-Hungarian tyranny (the initial cause of the First World War). Thus, the Fourth Russia, Carpatho-Russia (Ruthenia), after Great Russia, Little Russia (Ukraine) and White Russia (Belarus), would at last have become an integral component of the Russian Empire. Thus, the dream of old would have been fulfilled and the ancient Russian Orthodox territories would have been gathered together. The oppressed and wretchedly poor Carpatho-Russian emigrants, ‘Americhane’, who had flocked to the coal-mines and steelworks of Pennsylvania since 1880 and pined in America for their homes and kin in the Austro-Hungarian Europe, would have been able to return to a free and prosperous Carpatho-Russia. The Lemko Carpatho-Russians in south-eastern Poland would not have suffered the ethnic cleansing of the Polish Operation Vistula of 1947 – they would have been living in a free Carpatho-Russia. As for the absurd Austro-Hungarian anti-historical myth of the Ukraine, it would never have taken off.

The Roman-Catholic/Protestant World

Heeding the calls to repentance for having engendered the excesses of Capitalism, the monstrous slaughter of the Great War and then the development of atheist Communism, the Roman-Catholic/Protestant world could have thought again about its millennial errors. It could have repented for the First Reich of the anti-Christian Empire of the Germanic Karl the Tall (also known as Charlemagne), created in 800. This was in fact based largely on Germanic barbarism, Roman imperialism and Greek paganism and inspired many other later Western tyrants, above all Napoleon. It could also have repented for the Second Reich of the anti-Christian Empire of Bismarck, created in 1871. In this way the ‘Judeo-Christian’ (6) Roman-Catholic/Protestant world could never have given rise to the reaction to Capitalism, Communism, or to the reaction to Communism, Nazism, the Third Reich of the anti-Christian Empire of Hitler, created in 1933.

The Roman Catholic/Protestant world could have sought out its spiritual roots in the first millennium of Western history, before the heads of its Frankish leaders had been turned by the temptation of pseudo-Roman power (7). The face of Christ, hidden beneath layer after layer of Western ‘culture’, is waiting to be rediscovered by the West. But only once the Western world abandons its idolatrous humanist illusions, not least of which are ‘freedom and democracy’ (whose dictatorship is now imposed on 100,000 dead Iraqis), will it be able to see Christ in itself and thus in the rest of humanity. Only in this way will the Roman Catholic/Protestant world be able to return to the One Faith and the One Church, witnessed to by the Orthodox world in front of its own blindness.

The Muslim World

Knowing that the Arab Christians had a strong protector in the Russian Orthodox Empire with its large but justly-treated Muslim minority, Islam would not have fallen into the persecution of Orthodox in the Middle East. Knowing also that the Orthodox Empire would have protected them from Western excesses, neither would they have fallen into anti-Western fanaticism. Moderate Muslims could have examined their Faith, taking heed of the wisdom of the Arab Patriarchs of Antioch and Jerusalem, and discovering what Faith really signified.

The Jewish World

Had the Lord’s Anointed, Nicholas II, reigned and Russia continued to victory, Zionists would not have extracted the Balfour Declaration from Great Britain. Eastern European Jews would have been protected by a Russian Tsar. The pogroms, in which many dozens of Jews had been killed at the beginning of the twentieth century, mainly in Poland and the nationalist western Ukraine, would never have happened again.

As a result, many hundreds of thousands of Jews would not have undergone the evil of the Western pogroms of the Nazis and their genocide would simply not have taken place. Instead of emigrating to Israel and stealing the Palestinian homeland, thus creating a state of permanent war in the Middle East, the Jews of Europe, millions of whom had sought refuge in Eastern Europe at the end of the Middle Ages after persecution by Roman Catholicism in Western Europe, could have continued living in peace in Europe. They could have integrated the lands where they had settled, contributing to the prosperity of all, gaining the respect of all.

Great Britain

Victorious but impoverished and humbled by the First World War, Great Britain could have used this humility to learn how to treat its colonies justly, giving justice first to Ireland. If it had truly dealt fairly with all, it could have fulfilled its destiny, transforming its Empire into a Community of Friendly Nations. Thus, it could have retained its independence from both Western Europe and the United States.

Refusing to exploit, it could have brought its Asian subject-peoples to respect and accept the Christian Faith - instead of rejecting ‘Christian’ Europeans as ‘white devils’. As for Africa, its colonies there could have become models of peace, justice and small-scale development. In this way its immensely varied Empire, spread over five continents, from Ceylon to Australia, from South Africa to Bermuda, from India to Trinidad, from New Zealand to the British Honduras, from the Falklands to Kenya, from Singapore to Canada, could have become a true ‘Common Wealth’ of Nations of the World.

France, impoverished and brought to humility through its terrible losses in the First World War, could also have learned how to rule justly over its subject-peoples, setting them an example of the justice of the authentic Christian faith. Having learned from the bitter experience of the Great War, France could also have fulfilled its destiny in Western Europe, leading the way to the formation of a Confederation or Community of Sovereign Democracies, a true ‘Common Wealth’ of European Nations.

This would have made absurd the present totalitarian Federal European Union, which France formed following Germany’s plan and the USA’s blessing after the Second World War. Apart from the French politician and patriot Philippe de Villiers, the concept of Sovereign Democracy has now been adopted only by President Vladimir Putin and certain other politicians in Central and Eastern Europe, whereas Western European countries have for the most part lost all sense of their sovereignty and cultural identity.

Germany and Austro-Hungary

Brought to repentance by the slaughter of the flower of Europe’s youth in the First World War, the German Emperor Wilhelm, like the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, would have stood trial. Austria and Hungary, released from their former self-imposed obligation of oppressing minorities, would have ceased to be the prison of the peoples. Losing their Empire, they would have turned instead to an authentic cultural life, based on Christian values, without falling into the perverted decadence of Freud and the Viennese School.

As for Germany, after the disaster of the Great War, it could have separated into a dozen or so constituent principalities and duchies, reverting to the situation before Bismarck. Each principality or duchy could have developed its own small-scale industry, evolving independent cultural values of music, literature and the arts, becoming cultural centres of Western Europe, rejecting anti-Christian modernism, an ‘abstraction’ from the Faith.


By not taking part in the Great European War, the so-called First World War, the USA would not have been distracted from its real destiny. This meant devoting its energies and resources to developing social peace and economic justice throughout North, Central and South America, instead of pursuing ever further the destructive and anti-human technologies of humanist Europe, such as the Atom Bomb. This would have been just, not least for its own native peoples and the ex-slave population bought in Africa, who had both been so unjustly dealt with in the settlement of North America.

The mixture of US Protestant values with the Roman Catholic values of Latin America could have brought all the peoples of the Americas to think again about their violent history and beliefs. They could have realized how much had been wrong in their processes of settlement and reached new and just, constructive and spiritual solutions for all. It is also possible that without the catastrophe of the First World War, the USA would not have suffered the Depression. This was brought about by the Wall Street Crash of 1929, a Depression which dragged down the rest of the world with itself (8).


Africa’s destiny was not poverty, famine and constant war, but to accept the Gospel of Christ through its own black Patriarchs of Alexandria and All Africa, who would have spent most of their lives in Central Africa, following the call of St Nectarius, the last Greek Patriarch. Africa’s famines, in any case caused mainly by unnecessary wars, could have been overcome with grain from the bread-basket of the Ukraine.

China and Japan

Basing themselves on their own age-old wisdom, China and Japan could have evolved peacefully together with the moderate use of Western technology, also adopting and adapting the Orthodox Christianity offered by Russia. Thus, Russia would have fulfilled its messianic destiny in the east and China and Japan would have attained the One Wisdom, which they still have to attain today. As for Tibet, it might have understood that the imaginary, psychic nirvana is an illusion of the mind, which it could have exchanged for Christ and the real paradise of His real saints.


Governed initially by a wise Commonwealth administration and adopting moderate and useful Western technologies, encouraged by the Sikhs, India could have felt its way towards both independence and peace between Hindu and Muslim. Gandhi was the first Indian to understand this in his words: ‘The world contains enough for human need, but not enough for human greed’. India could have discovered the constructive Christian Trinity instead of the destructive Hindu Trinity and found the fulfilment of its ancient wisdom in the Person of Christ.


As we approach the ninetieth anniversary of the tragic assassination of the Imperial Family in Ekaterinburg, it has been suggested that in 2008 there be a great pilgrimage of national repentance in Russia, ending at the Church-on-the-Blood, raised up on the place of the Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg. As for the remaining statues of Soviet leaders, they should all be replaced with statues of the Holy Martyr Tsar Nicholas and His Iconic Family.

We hope that this short article will at least start some reflection in the English-speaking world on the destiny of the planet since the Ekaterinburg tragedy, its consequences and at least the possibility of repentance. The actual history of the world since 1918 has been the history of the rush to embrace the Apocalypse. The Western world has hurried the rest of the world into embracing its technologies indiscriminately and the elites of the world have been only too keen to accept them, especially the most destructive among them.

We believe that none of this history need have happened, had the assassination of the Lord’s Anointed not taken place in 1918. This one catastrophic event, which began with the Three previous Revolutions, was the turning-point in twentieth-century world history. It marked a choice of world destinies, a destiny without Christ as opposed to a destiny with Christ. The pistol shots that rang out in the Ipatiev House on the night of 17 July 1918 have echoed down ninety years of history and their ricochets have not yet finished their destruction.

Fr Andrew

20 July/2 August 2007
Holy Prophet Elijah


1. The Russian society ‘Vozvrashchenie’ (‘Return’) is actively campaigning for the return of all pre-revolutionary place-names inside Russia. It is gradually winning support as the older atheist generation dies out. Many have also called for the removal of red stars and the remaining statues of the Bolshevik butchers. No doubt, with time, this will happen, even in the remotest provinces.

As for the removal of Lenin, it seems that one of the dilemmas faced by the present Russian government is how to dispose of his dust. We suggest that it should be sent to the town of Lehnin in eastern Germany, to the town from where he took his name and the country from where he took his ideology. This is the town where originated the German princess, Sophia of Anhalt-Zerbst, who became known to history as Catherine the Great, the ‘enlightened’ ruler from Lehnin, who closed more monasteries than Lenin and ensured the enserfment of the Russian peasant class, helping to provoke the Pugachev rebellion. It was only under the truly enlightened Orthodox Tsar Alexander II, ‘the Liberator’, that Russian serfs were peacefully liberated, unlike the black slaves of the USA, whose liberation cost a Civil War and some 500,000 American lives.

2. Just as the fall of Constantinople in 1453 came 250 years after its assault by barbarian Roman Catholic adventurers in 1203 (followed by its sack in 1204).

3. Appearances of the Mother of God in the Roman Catholic world are not all taken to be authentic by the Orthodox world. Some of them may simply be fraudulent. However, it may well be an error to deny them all in principle. There is no reason why the Mother of God should not appear to the simply piety of ordinary Christian believers, who are far from the political manipulations of their leaders. Indeed, it is to be noted that these appearances were not to Roman Catholic bishops, let alone to popes. They were revealed to uncorrupted, simple and pious peasant children, who had never heard of anything beyond their local village and its simple faith, inherited from the first millennium of Orthodoxy in the West. In all these cases, these children were later persecuted by the Roman Catholic authorities. It is also to be noted that all these appearances show the Mother of God to be sad. We believe that she has been calling the Western world to repentance for the errors of its millennium-old rejection of the Church.

4. It is of this crisis of the deChristianization of Western Europe that His Holiness Alexis II, Patriarch of Moscow and All Rus, will speak in Paris in October 2007 before the religious representatives of all Europe.

5. No-one should think of bigoted Russian nationalism here. That was mainly an invention of unChurched parts of the Russian emigration who treated the Church as a private cultural relic. As a result they often stifled Orthodox life, which retreated ‘into exile’ on the peripheries of the emigration. The Russian Empire was the world’s most mixed multiethnic and multi-religious Empire spread over one continuous territory. As for Tsar Nicholas himself, he spoke English to his wife, Danish to his mother and made sure that his children were also fluent in French and German, apart from Russian. The pre-revolutionary French Ambassador, Maurice Paleologue, calculated that Tsar Nicholas was only one one hundred and twenty-eighth Russian by blood, in other words that he had only one five times great grandparent who was Russian. In other words, Tsar Nicholas’ Orthodox Christian way of life and values had nothing to do with mere ‘blood’, but with Faith. In permitting the destruction of the European Russian Imperial Family, Europe was in some sense thus signing its own death-warrant.

6. Western civilization is often called ‘Judeo-Christian’, despite the obvious contradiction that the Jews rejected Christ and the Christians accepted Him. Indeed, this was the favourite expression of Mrs Thatcher, who stated that she wished to see the end of the Soviet Union in the name of ‘Judeo-Christian’ civilization. We also note that in the Parable of the Good Samaritan she considered that the Samaritan was only able to do his good deed thanks to money. Therefore, in her interpretation, the Parable was a justification for all capitalist activities. Mrs Thatcher also idolized the mass murderer Cromwell.

7. The temptation was so aptly summed up by the last words of the Italian cynic Machiavelli, writing at one of the low points of Western spiritual decadence: ‘I desire to go to hell and not to heaven. In the former place I will enjoy the company of popes, kings and princes, while in the latter only that of beggars, monks and apostles’. It was this Machiavellian mentality, inherent to the anti-Orthodox West which was so clearly seen in the events of 1054, when the Frankish Cardinal Humbert reproached the Church of Christ for removing the filioque from the Creed! In order to protect themselves from it, the oppressed Orthodox in the south of Italy and Sicily established a self-help brotherhood, later known by the acronym ‘MAFIA’ (in Italian, ‘Morte Alla Francia, Italia Anela’ - ‘Death to the Franks, Italy cries’). Once the Faith was altogether lost through persecution, this brotherhood turned into a criminal syndicate.

8. The Depression first made ‘acceptable’ the introduction of mothers to the wage-slave economy of the modern world, which had first briefly appeared during the First World War. The symbol of this illusory ‘emancipation’ (mothers being enslaved to factory and office work like men) was their wearing of trousers, which also became acceptable at this time. This enslavement of women symbolized the loss of the sacred mystery of motherhood, the concept of child-bearing as bearing the saints of the future. It also led to men abandoning the concept of self-sacrifice for their wives and families. The result of this today is the dying out of Europe through the holocaust of abortion and family breakdown. Ironically, this is especially the case in former Roman Catholic countries like Italy and Spain, where birth-rates are chronically low. 100 years ago, Europeans numbered more than one in four of the world population, today this figure is one in ten and falling rapidly.

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