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On 13 May, in only a few days time, our Metropolitan Laurus leaves for Russia. He will be at the head of a delegation of twenty members of our Church: Archbishops Mark and Kyrill, many of our most senior clergy, some wonderful priests whom I personally know, like Fr Pavel Tsvetkov from our Cathedral in Geneva, Fr Gabriel Makarov from Brisbane, Fr Peter Perekrestov from San Francisco, Protodeacon Eugene Burbelo, who was ordained forty-nine years ago in 1955 by Metropolitan Anastasy himself, and Vladyka's cell attendant. On 18th May our Metropolitan will meet Patriarch Alexis in person.

This is an event which will be written down in the history books. I recall my first visit to Russia thirty-two years ago. I can still remember the atmosphere in the churches, the oppression, the fear, the intimidation. Many of us never thought that an event like this visit would take place. It was not imaginable that in our livetimes our Church, representing some 90% of Russian Orthodox outside Russian territory and many Non-Russians, would today be in a position where the Patriarchal Church in Russia looks to us with repentance and respect.

None of us would dare to claim to know what the final, long-term outcome of this visit will be. For that reason, all we can do is pray, pray that God's Will may be done. Over the next two weeks we should pray fervently, with all our hearts and minds that our will is not done, but that God's Will may be done. God's Will and God's Will alone.

Fr Andrew

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