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Metropolitan Tryphon (Turkestanov)

Translated by
Lydia S. Balashova and Andreas Moran

Published by
Anglo-Russian Books

The Akathist of Thanksgiving, ‘Glory to God for All Things’, was long attributed to Hieromartyr Gregory Petrov (+ 194?). The attribution has now been authoritatively made to Metropolitan Tryphon (Turkestanov) (+ 1934) and the akathist is one of the most popular texts of contemporary Orthodox piety in Russia.

Below we reproduce a short extract:

Kontakion 2

O Lord, how good it is to be Thy guest! Fragrant wind, mountains reaching into the sky, waters like boundless mirrors reflecting golden rays and light clouds. All nature mysteriously whispereth, full of caresses, and the birds and the beasts bear the seal of Thy love. Blessed is Mother Earth with her swift, passing beauty, awakening yearning for the eternal homeland where soundeth incorruptible beauty: Alleluia.

Ikos 2

Thou didst lead me into this life as into an enchanting paradise. We have looked upon the sky as a deep blue chalice, in whose azure the birds ring out. We have heard the soothing murmur of the forest, and sweet-sounding music of waters; we have tasted fragrant and sweet fruits, and scented honey. It is good in Thy home on earth, joyous to be Thy guests.

Glory to Thee for the feast of life!
Glory to Thee for the perfume of lilies-of-the-valley and of roses!
Glory to Thee for the delightful diversities of berries and of fruits!
Glory to Thee for the diamond brilliance of the morning dew!
Glory to Thee for the smile of light awakening!
Glory to Thee for earthly life, forerunner of the heavenly!
Glory to Thee, O God, unto the ages!

Kontakion 3

By the power of Thy Holy Spirit, every flower breatheth, calm wind-borne fragrance, delicate hue, the beauty of the great with the small. Praise and honour to the life-creating God, Who spreadeth forth the meadows as a flowering carpet, and crowneth the fields with golden sheaves, and azure cornflowers, for the joy of souls’ contemplation. Be glad, and sing unto Him: Alleluia.

Ikos 3

How beautiful art Thou in the triumph of spring when all creatures arise and in thousands of harmonious ways joyfully cry unto Thee; thou art the Well-spring of life; Thou art the Conqueror of death. In the light of the crescent moon and the song of the nightingale; the valleys and the forests are set in their snow-white bridal veils, the whole earth, Thy bride, awaiteth her Eternal Bridegroom. If Thou so clothest the grass, how then wilt Thou transfigure us in the resurrection of the age to come; how lightened will our bodies be, how shining our souls?

Newly translated into liturgical English and followed by a short biography of Metropolitan Tryphon, the akathist is available from:

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