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Anglicans Asleep

In an interview at the end of August with The Daily Telegraph, the Anglican Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, declared that the Church of England must work actively to conserve the Christian heritage and moral institutions of the country. The country, he said, faces the twin threats of ‘aggressive secularism and radical Islam’.

Speaking just before he retired this Tuesday, he also expressed the view that liberal Anglicans in various parts of the world are in fact following contemporary secular culture and not Biblical teaching, confessing not Christianity, but a completely different religion. He called on Anglicans to stand up and defend national traditions, most of which are based on Christian teachings, and also to fight to preserve the traditional family and Christian festivals against atheism.

It seems extraordinary that a bishop of the Church of England should only be speaking about such issues now. It is as though the bishops of the Church of England had been asleep in their ivory towers for the last fifty years and had only just now noticed that what they thought was a dream is in fact a nightmare. They must realise that it is not that the secularist enemy is at the gates, but that the enemy took over the city fifty years ago and has been running it ever since.

20 August/2 September 2009

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