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Crisis at the BBC: Crisis in British Society

The storm in the last few days about two vastly overpaid BBC presenters and their obscene behaviour highlights the decadence of the contemporary British media. Long gone are the moral traditions of the British media of the past. Indeed, many see the present crisis in the BBC as punishment for the decades of the politically correct arrogance of those who control the BBC. In its hubris, this overpaid and out-of-touch London elite, politically manipulated, has taken scant account of public opinion and its demands for common decency.

In recent years the BBC, like other media outlets in the Western world, has become a cesspit of foul language and pornography. Similarly, The Times newspaper has become both physically and spiritually a tabloid, its contents dumbed down to meet the needs of the new, deChristianised and de-educated lumpenproletariat.

What is also notable is how the various media have now lost virtually all of their freedom to tell the Truth. Thus, the BBC Director General (appointed as a crony of Tony Blair) lost faith in his Fuehrer and was finally sacked by the Blair regime for stating that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (which there were not - until Iraq had been invaded and occupied by Western Powers with their weapons of mass destruction). Similarly, although the BBC now regrets the lies peddled to the world media and blindly repeated by it last August concerning the Georgian invasion of Russia and the Georgian war crimes committed there, the damage has already been done.

It would seem that the Truth no longer matters to these media. The Truth is always the first victim of the father of lies. The BBC long ago sold out to the bread and circuses demanded by the lowest elements in society and the famed objectivity and impartiality of the BBC, though never more than relative, has been buried. Edification was murdered by ‘entertainment’.

This movement began in the late 1960s, when the British media, like other British institutions such as the educational system, first yielded to the ideology of egalitarianism, that is to say, the rule of the lowest common denominator. So are the mighty fallen. Like the present British educational ‘system’, the British media too have gone from being among the best in the world to the gutter, where they lie frothing with their foul-mouthed but politically correct millionaire presenters.

It seems clear that most of the British media, governed by forces outside the control of the British public and alien to the older insular traditions of fairness and truth, are now so decadent that they deserve only one reward: a boycott. Press the off button.

Fr Andrew

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