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The British Establishment is Worried

There exists in Britain a minute political party, which calls itself the BNP – ‘the British National Party’. It receives tiny numbers of votes - except in a few deprived, urban areas where working class people have been utterly betrayed by a Labour Party corrupted by huge sums of money and power.

The political stance of the BNP is abhorrent and could potentially lead to violence. Its views are openly racist, more or less Fascist and similar to those of the French ‘National Front’ party. However, this latter regularly receives from fifty to a hundred times more votes than the BNP, with sometimes over 15% of the French electorate voting for it. The BNP is led by a clownish though potentially dangerous figure (like the National Front led by Le Pen and the ex-Soviet Fascists led by Zyuganov). The clownish BNP leader has been in trouble with the police on more than one occasion.

Yesterday the BNP was condemned by bishops of the Church of England, notably by the Welsh Archbishop of Canterbury and the African Archbishop of York. That they have condemned this party is not surprising. All the more so when absurd BNP propaganda suggested that ‘Jesus’ (in his human nature a Middle Eastern Jew, with less than white skin) would vote for them. What is surprising, however, is that the Church of England has condemned the laughable if sinister BNP, but not other political parties.

Thus, the three British Establishment parties, the Conservative, Labour and Liberal (Democrat) parties, have in the last forty years constantly betrayed and lied to the electorate. In the last forty years, the three Establishment parties have accepted the slaughter of over six million babies through their abortion policies. Yet, the bishops of the Church of England have not openly condemned this holocaust – though it has time and again condemned the slaughter of the Jews under Hitler. How easy it is to condemn crimes elsewhere, but how difficult to do so at home. This sounds like hypocrisy.

Now that the three Establishment parties are under threat on account of the more or less criminal dealings of large minorities of their MPs in the expense claims scandal, the Church of England speaks out – but only against a tiny lunatic fringe party. What a shame that the leaders of the Church of England did not speak out before – against the three main parties and their anti-democratic mafia – because then the BNP, essentially a protest party, could never have come into existence. Siding with the corrupt and undemocratic Establishment, as the Church of the Establishment, many in the Church of England have compromised themselves.

To many it would seem that the Church of England has exchanged the Gospel for political correctness. Is then the Gospel of ‘The Guardian’ preferable to the Gospel of Christ? Many, both still members of the Church of England and others who have lapsed from it and now go nowhere, think that since the 1960s many supposed representatives of the Church of England have preferred a fraudulent secular Gospel to the Word of God.

Where was the Church of England at recent moments in the last sixty years, when far more serious crimes than those of the clownish BNP were taking place? On abortion, on national betrayal, on systematic lying (‘spin’), on the social, political and economic crimes of Thatcher and Blair, on the war crimes committed by the British government in Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere before them, on the immoral culture of massive public debt and national bankruptcy – we have mainly had silence from it. Only a few brave exceptions of individual Church of England laity and clergy have spoken out. Here is the sad truth. Little wonder that some even say that most Church of England bishops belong to the same masonic lodges and associated clubs as now proven ‘dishonourable’ Members of Parliament.

May the present crisis in the United Kingdom lead to a national cleansing. May the voices of honest MPs, and there are not a few of them, and many honest ordinary people in the Church of England, who are not afraid to speak the truth, whose hands are not tied by the Establishment mafia and its hollow, Soviet-style ideology, and the voices of others of goodwill from outside the Establishment, now be heard.

25 May 2009

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