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In Austria barges have been stopped from sailing on the Danube because of low water levels. In Paris the temperature has hit the almost unheard of 40 degrees, in Madrid 53 degrees. Forest fires flame in Poland, Croatia, Corsica, the south of France, Spain and especially Portugal, where eleven people have already died in the fires.

The West is in decline, as is symbolized by the spiritual leader of Catholicism, an elderly man with Parkinson's who can hardly walk. France is ruled by a President, well past his retirement age. Last year Germany mocked Chancellor Schroeder who had denied dyeing his hair black, when it was obvious that this ageing man had been doing just that. In France and Germany workers threaten to strike again if the age of retirement is raised from 60 to 65 or more. But increasingly expensive healthcare systems are collapsing Europewide under the pressure of greying populations.

The fact is that populations are in sharp decline virtually everywhere in Europe. Figures of 0.8 to 1.3 children per woman are commonplace, from 'Catholic' Spain to 'Protestant' eastern Germany. Most Western European States will be bankrupt within fifteen years if pensions continue to be paid as now. In any case it seems that the retired population will be more numerous than the working population within twenty-five years. And most Western European countries will have declined in population by about 25% within the next forty years.

And the irony of this is that it was Europe which murdered the flower of its youth in their millions in its first worldwide conflagration. Not content with this, it then set about slaughtering the next generation of its youth in their tens of millions in its Communist and Nazi concentration camps and its second conflagration, into which it once more dragged the rest of the world. But not content with this, it is Europe which since 1945 has butchered its babies in their hundreds of millions in its abortion clinics.

Europe is sclerotic? It has only itself to blame.

Not to worry, says an imam in France. 'We will conquer you with the wombs of our women'. A large percentage of young 'Europeans' are Muslims, born into families of six, ten, fifteen children. Already in Belgium, France and Germany, there are Muslim ghettoes, ruled from the mosque, where native policemen dare not enter, their inhabitants fed by Islamic television, broadcast from Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan. The fact is that in France the only living religion is now Islam. Catholicism there is in terminal decline, two-thirds of its few remaining priests are nearing the age of 75, it has lost all credibility with French people.

Indeed, the first year of the twenty-first century was marked by Islamic Jihad against the world's only remaining Superpower, America. When France, still grasping after its long-lost prestige on the world stage, followed by Belgium and Germany, did not support America in its pro-Western and pro-oil Crusade against Islam, America was astonished. Astonished to discover that Europe had retired. It therefore dismissed France and its post-1945 hangers-on as 'Old Europe', and took relish in the support of the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and of newly-liberated, anti-Communist Central and Eastern Europe. Thus the long-hidden existence of two Europes came out into the open, the new and the old, the young men of the future and the gerontocrats of the Franco-German European Union.

America was secretly supported by its bastion against Islam by Russia. It too is fighting against Islam, so much so that it no longer minds if America sets up bases in its former satellites or in ex-Soviet Republics. But Russia, with its declining population, three million abortions a year, vodka and Aids epidemics, is morally powerless, continuing to belong to the economy of the Mafia. Its Church is mostly deadly silent with regard to the morality of the Ten Commandments, which alone will save Russia from itself. So it buries the assassinated Russian Mafia men by the walls of its churches, 'in all the best positions', in return for their Mafia money which rebuilds the ruins the Communists made and gilds the domes the Communists blackened.

'Does Europe exist?', asks a sceptical Englishman. No, it does not, inasmuch as it has forgotten its soul, it has forgotten its spiritual identity. That spiritual identity, the personality of Europe, is in the spiritual identities of each of its nations, in the personalities of the saints of Europe. Until Europe returns to its saints and the concepts and practices of holiness, Europe will be irrelevant, pensioned-off, indeed, it will not exist, for its saints are the only reality which gives Europe unity, which makes Europe exist. But Europe has forgotten its soul. Therefore its Unionists, led by the long ago retired French corruptocrat, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, struggle to impose a political and tyrannical Federalist Union from the top, ignoring the Confederate Unity formed by the forgotten grassroots of its Confederation of the Saints.

There is in French a saying, 'ne plus savoir a quel saint se vouer'. Literally, it means, 'to no longer know which saint to dedicate yourself to'. Figuratively, it means, 'to be at your wit's end'. The trouble with modern Europe is that it no longer dedicates itself to any saint - it is beyond its wits' end.

This may be high summer, but it is now autumn in Europe's soul.

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