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Fighting for Freedom since 929 and 1066: Voices for Freedom in Europe

In 2008 a popular British tabloid newspaper, The Daily Express, polled 10,000 people on the future of the UK in the EU. Admittedly, this was not a representative sample of the whole nation. Nevertheless, the result was that 95% of the 10,000 stated that they wished that the UK would leave the EU. They declared:

‘We the public have never wanted to be subservient to any European State, indeed we have been fighting against this since 1066’.

In this country, where we have an unelected Prime Minister and we are not allowed to vote on the Lisbon Treaty (because, according to various Party elites, we are too stupid), we are therefore dependent on democratic countries like Ireland and the Czech Republic. Like our own country, which once had a Greek Archbishop of Canterbury in St Theodore, the Czech Lands also have an ancient Orthodox Christian history, centred in the Moravian mission of Sts Cyril and Methodius, and in the country’s patron saint, St Vaclav (or Wenceslas + 929) of Prague, martyred by forces which wanted union with anti-Orthodox Germany.

Of the EU its President, Vaclav Klaus, has recently said the following:

‘If you enjoy the atmosphere of hostility, conflicts, denouncing and ridiculing, then I cannot be your candidate, as in all my political career I have struggled for fair political competition and a search for consensus and always refused rudeness and offences.

If you wish to ignore our civilisation’s thousand-year long traditions, its Christian values, the emphasis on the traditional family and respect for every living human being, do not vote for me, since I respect these values.

If you wish to live in a future shaped up by fashionable ideas, where smoking is prohibited, but illegal drugs are tolerated, where marriage is on the verge of extinction and couples go to Town Halls to register only, where the old and sick are mercifully euthanised, where we are told what to eat and drink and how we can talk, then this is not my programme. This is not my vision of the future.

If you do not want to respect our thousand-year old civilisation, its Christian values and emphasis on the traditional family and respect for each individual life, do not vote for me’.

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