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Problems in Orthodox Parishes in Finland

On 1 September 2009 Archbishop Hilarion of Volokalamsk, the Chairman of the External Relations Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, met Archbishop Leo, head of the autonomous Finnish Orthodox Church.

Various topics were discussed, above all the problem for Russians who have emigrated to Finland. Given that Russian Orthodox naturally refuse to attend services on the Roman Catholic (so-called ‘Neo-Julian’) calendar, as used by Finnish parishes, which also use the anathematised papal paschalia to date Easter, the spiritual needs of Russian Orthodox in Finland are not being met. It is this pastoral problem which concerns the Russian Orthodox Church both inside and outside Russia.

Archbishop Hilarion suggested that Finnish seminarians could be sent to Russia in order to be trained in normal Orthodox practice. They would then be able to cater for the spiritual needs of Russian Orthodox in Finland.

20 August/2 September 2009

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