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In a new age of darkness, light will eventually return.


An arrogant liar. A war criminal. A smug hypocrite. A self-satisfied Calvinist preacher. A meddler who doesn't listen. A self-deluded megalomaniac.

Such are some of the insults proffered to Mr Blair by some. The recent disastrous election results for 'New Labour' indicate that the time is coming for Mr Blair to leave. Whatever one thinks of his political legacy, few would deny that it will take years, perhaps decades, for the United Kingdom to recover from the Blair years.

Fed up with the corruption of the Conservative Major government and tired of paying taxes for third-world public services, in 1997 the British public voted for a change of government, a mandate for 'New Labour' which was renewed in 2001. Unfortunately, over the last seven years they did not receive what they voted for. Stories of corruption continue, for instance those concerning Labour Party funding. And as regards public services, in its first term of four years, New Labour did nothing to improve public services, but instead continued Conservative policies. The present situation of hopelessly underfunded and crumbling public services is this:

The Leninist mantra of 'Education, Education, Education' of Mr Blair (1) has led to a demoralized workforce of teachers: Demoralized because they are still crushed by the bureaucratic paperwork of 'initiatives' from a Government Department which has lost its grip on the reality in classrooms. Demoralized because ill-behaved children are still allowed to ignore discipline, for they are granted rights which teachers do not have. Mr Blair is also responsible for the continuing dumbing down of the exam system, started long ago by the Conservatives, with the result that children work very hard for very meagre results; depth of study has been sacrificed to breadth of study. Mr Blair is also responsible for the huge debts of seven years of University students, who are no longer granted money to pay for their studies, but are given loans, whereby they start their working lives in debt (on average about £15,000 each) to the all-powerful financial system.

The health system falters and fails. Even with skilful statistical manipulation by the accountant-obsessed government, waiting lists for operations and consultations are still scandalously long, in some cases up to two years. No doubt the logic behind this is that the sick will die before they see a doctor and can thus be eliminated from waiting-lists altogether. The crisis in dentistry has worsened drastically and now only about half of British people have dentists, with the result that some poorer people resort to DIY dentistry, as in the nineteenth century. The results can be imagined.

Public transport is in a critical state. The London Tube is an expensive laughing-stock. Public train services are complex, unreliable, incredibly expensive and sometimes simply dangerous.

The fact is that the Blair government has been obsessed by 'photo-opportunities', 'presentation' and 'image', what is called 'spin', which is another word for propaganda, which is another word for lies. Announcements are made of rises in investment, sometimes up to twenty-two times for the same meagre investment. No wonder that criticisms are made that the Blair government is a government without any substance. Seldom has any politician broken so many promises as Mr Blair. But even less seldom has any politician deluded himself into thinking that he has not broken any promises at all.

What has also irritated British people are the many tax rises, 'stealth taxes', implemented by the Blair government. If at least public services had improved, perhaps people would accept the cunningly-imposed, astronomical rises in taxation. But not when public services continue to deteriorate and public money is wasted on the useless, but politically correct, initiatives of overpaid bureaucrats, while criminals roam the streets, because the prisons are too full to house them.

Of course, Mr Blair boasts of economic success, though that was largely due to the economic common, if sometimes cruel, sense of the Thatcher governments. And in fact Mr Blair's 'success' is largely based on the illusion of an incredible bubble of house-price inflation, which he has only encouraged, and the trillion pounds of debt that he has encouraged the public to fall into. Once more the financial sector gloats - but only for a time. The chickens will come home to roost in a huge bust after the boom. Bubbles always burst: such is the law of physical and economic nature. And bubbles of egoism also always burst. Such is the law of human nature.

Mr Blair sympathized with America on 9/11. Indeed, virtually all the people of Britain felt a profound wave of solidarity with their cousins, ordinary Americans. However, in reality, Mr Blair's sympathy was not with the American people, but with the oil-thirsty American elite. And that is why Mr Blair began to behave like a cowboy.

Did nobody tell Mr Blair that the 'Indians' fought the cowboys because they wanted to protect themselves and their families, because the cowboys were stealing their ancestral lands and their mineral wealth? Did nobody tell Mr Blair that the Palestinians have the same grievances against the newly-arrived Israelis? Did nobody tell Mr Blair that terrorists have reasons for such bitterness? Find the solution to their grievances and most people will then become reasonable.

Internationally, Mr Blair has renewed the old charges of Imperialist arrogance brought against Great Britain. His interventions in Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq, all anti-democratic, all against the United Nations, have been catastrophic. He has allowed the ancestral lands of southern Serbia to be almost completely ethnically cleansed of Serbs by Albanian immigrants and drug-runners, as also the Serbian part of Croatia. NATO troops strut around many parts of ex-Yugoslavia, profiteering from their position. Their presence there will have to be permanent, until justice is done and the festering resentment of the oppressed Serbs is assuaged by their eventually reclaiming what is their own.

Afghanistan and Iraq are both ruled by American puppet governments, with no legitimacy. Everybody knows that those countries will topple into blood-soaked anarchy once the forces of intervention, which created the conditions for that anarchy, depart. Mr Blair does not seem to realize that although situations in some foreign countries are dire, meddling generally only worsens such situations, which have deep roots in history far beyond Mr Blair's knowledge. If he really believes in the rights of certain countries to 'pre-emptively' invade others, then why has he not long ago invaded Tibet, Zimbabwe, Belorus', Uzbekistan, the Sudan, Israel, Turkey and countless other nations whose governmenets oppress their own peoples and minorities? Why not spend (or waste) billions of British taxpayers' money, naturally without consulting them about, it on invading those countries to free them too? Where is your consistency, Mr Blair?

Finally, on the question of Europe, Mr Blair's Achilles' heel, people have had enough. Only two thirds ever wanted to join the tariff-free trading bloc known as the 'Common Market'. However, the Westminster Establishment elite never consulted them about whether they wanted to belong to The 'European Economic Community', or the 'European Community', or the 'European Union'. The people were never consulted about whether they wanted metrication, whether they wanted to sign the Conservative-imposed Maastricht Treaty, or whether they wanted 'European Union' stamped all over their royal blue British passports.

Of course not, because the political oligarchs, Conservative or New Labour, knew that we would say no. Now Mr Blair continues heedlessly. But the only person that his signature on the European Constitution binds is himself. Seldom has this country endured such an anti-English Prime Minister, with his regionalist campaign against the integrity of England, which is supported by the dissatisfied members of minorities in his government: Scottish nationalists, children of Jewish immigrants, homosexuals and others.

The present Blair government, like virtually all British governments, is a minority government. It was elected by 28% of the electorate. Like most 'democratic' British governments, it is undemocratic. Yet power seems to have gone to Mr Blair's head and he deludes himself into thinking that he can do whatever he wants.

Could it be that the recent election results are going to change all that? Could it be that the old political elites of Labour and Conservative, with their anti-democratic vested interests in a two-party system, are finished? Could it be that finally the foolishness of the 60s and 70s, which attempted to throw away our national heritage and traditional values and tried to merge us into a European Superstate, is over?

Could it be that, in a country ruled by faceless bureaucrats and Soviet-style accountants, with their 'plans' and 'targets', we are going to have freedom at last? Could it be that in a land where words like 'values' 'patriotism' and 'national identity' were long ago brushed under the carpet like so-much dust, we are facing the first green shoots of a revival of national consciousness? Could it be that the voice of a free, independent, sovereign England, leading all the Isles to freedom, is to be heard again?

You have definitely overstayed your welcome, Mr Blair. It is time for you to leave before you do any more damage. It does not matter who replaces you. Anything would be better than this.

1) Lenin: 'Uchites', uchites', uchites'.

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