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The present wave of international hysteria about climate change raises many questions. In order even to attempt to answer those questions, it is first necessary to present some facts, which are being overlooked as a result of the hysteria.

1. The climate has always changed. It is perfectly natural. Droughts and floods, heat-waves and ice ages have always alternated. In England we have still not returned to the climate of 1,000 years ago, when it was warmer than now. Only since about 1950 have we begun to emerge from a period of cooling which began about 600 years before, when Greenland became Ice-Land - a situation which is now reversing.

2. Although climate change is disastrous for low-lying islands, drought-stricken Australia and parts of Africa, it can also be positive. For example, locally, Northern Europe has just enjoyed a whole month of delightful weather, instead of the usual April showers and chill. Most people, though not farmers, are content.

3. Although parts of the media rage about 'global warming', in fact this can mean 'global cooling' in some parts of the world.

4. Everyone agrees that the climate is changing. The only debate is to what extent the climate is changing because of human activity. However, many scientists, though by no means all, believe that human interference is partly or even mainly to blame.

As a non-scientist, I am unable to have an opinion about the extent to which human activities cause climate change. However, it seems obvious that the pollution of air, water and land is harmful. Indeed, theologically, it is a sin against God's Creation. (See our article of December 2005 on this site: Climate Change: Repentance or Cosmocide).

However, our interest here is rather in the reasons for the present hysteria and what goes with it.

It has to be said that climate change hysteria has its 'supporters', those who benefit from it. Not only among those who work in the media and wish to increase their audience ratings or circulation figures. There is a lot of profit to be made here. Not only among politicians and celebrities who wish to improve their 'image' through cheap publicity stunts. There is a lot of popularity to be gained here. Big business is interested; millions now work in industries like recycling and insulation, designing and making electric motors, solar panels, wind-turbines etc. There is a lot of money to be made here. Big government is interested. What a wonderful idea to raise taxes through what are in fact protection rackets, masking them under the label of 'green taxes'. There is a lot of income to be raised here. International trade and politics are interested. If fast-developing countries like China and India can be ordered not to pollute, this will give rich countries in the West a competitive advantage over them. There is a lot of power to be gained here.

But there is something more sinister than all this.

We can agree that the concept of not polluting what is God-made and God-given, of being 'green', of stewarding the Creation, is Christian. We can add that exploitative and irresponsible industrialisation in its historic form is inherently Non-Christian. Nevertheless, the ethos of the whole green movement is in fact pagan.

It is pagan inasmuch as, having no concept of the Fall, the green movement, perhaps inspired by nineteenth-century Romanticism, seems to think that nature is in itself good. Only before the Fall was it good. The idea that everything must be preserved, whatever its value, merely because it is 'natural', is absurd. Man-eating tigers are 'natural', malaria-carrying mosquitoes are 'natural', hurricanes are 'natural', earthquakes are 'natural' - but nobody wants to preserve them. The present green movement is at heart neo-pagan and nature-worshipping.

Worse than this is the fact that the green movement is Godless. Those who believe in God believe that if humanity repents (like the word 'sin', not a politically correct word, I know), then all the damage done to 'the environment' (that is, God's Creation) can be reversed by the Almighty. Clearly then, the climate change hysteria at the present time is fundamentally atheistic. Little wonder that a chain of hotels in California has now replaced the Bible in its hotel rooms with the book by Al Gore 'An Inconvenient Truth', which speaks of the threat of worldwide catastrophe caused by global warming. Here we see clearly where the priorities of the hidden agenda lie.

How long before Christianity is outlawed by political correctness for apparently being 'polluting'? How long before Bibles are ordered to be pulped in order to 'save the trees'? How long before candles and incense are banned for giving off fumes? Behind the scenes, this whole climate change hysteria seems to be intended at bringing the spiritually weak to despair and concentrating power in the hands of a world elite. Here is the real inconvenient truth and a global warning. All this is but one more step towards what has been planned all along...


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