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Holy Hierarch Laurus of Jordanville (Sviatitel Lavr Iordangradskiy) (3/16 March)
First Suggestions

Troparion Tone V

Rejoice, O ye Carpathians,*
and dance all ye trees of the forests of America!*
For the good and faithful servant,*
the humble monk and wise hierarch Laurus,*
who from childhood was pleasing to God,*
preaching the testament of Holy Russia*
and who on the feast of the Lord’s Ascension gathered into one *
those who in former times were divided,*
today sends up his soul into the heavens.*
This is indeed a triumph of Orthodoxy,*
as on the shores of the Pacific Ocean*
the angels ring bells of victory*
for him who on earth conversed with them;*
and we unworthy, scattered across the face of all the earth,*
pray to Thee, O Christ our God,*
that through his prayers our souls may be saved.


This should in outline resemble his official photograph with staff in hand, but as an icon resemble the San Francisco icon of St John of Shanghai in his mantle. However, he should be holding in his hands not a model of that temple, but a model of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow.

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