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A Voice From Beyond the Grave Speaks to the Ukraine.

The Western and Westernized world prepares its annual Mammonmas celebration. In British town centres field hospitals are ready to pick the drunkards out of the gutters. The British Government tries to hide its embarrassment over an 'arrogant' senior Minister, who stole another man's wife, had one or two children by her, is forced to resign over accusations of corruption, but boasts of his 'responsibility and integrity'.

Meanwhile, the long suspected truth about foreign intervention in the Ukraine emerges. An American Congressman discloses that the United States administration has spent $65 million over the last five years, backing its candidate for President there, Viktor Yushchenko. Husband of an American citizen, a traveller to Washington, with close political links to the White House, all is revealed, in readiness for the new Ukrainian elections of 26 December.

Supported by American money and organization, pro-NATO forces, fresh from supervising the massacres in Serbia and victory in Georgia, prepare their entry into the Ukraine, which already has troops in Iraq. No doubt the American Mediterranean Fleet would love to have a Black Sea base in the Crimea. It would compensate for their catastrophic invasion of Iraq, where no 'exit strategy' (code for 'escape route') is in sight.

Supported by the money of the Turkey-loving European Union - no matter that Turkey is in Asia, except for those parts of Greece and Cyprus which they illegally occupy, no matter their genocide of a million Armenian Christians and persecution of Greek Orthodox, let alone the torture of Kurds - the Ukrainian Pora! organization is now training students in Moscow for an uprising there too.

Supported by the money of the billionaire Hungarian-Jewish financier, George Soros, dark forces plan their takeover of Orthodox Eastern Europe. Orthodox have not been able to put forward an Orthodox politician to fight against Yushchenko; the only alternative has been an 'ex'-Communist bandit. It is the same scenario as in Serbia, where Orthodox were ruled by another Communist bandit. We should not forget the reason for this: thanks to European and American-backed Communism, the Orthodox political elite were long ago massacred in Serbia, Romania, the Ukraine, Belarus, all over the Orthodox world. Temptations from the left side, Western stooges, and temptations from the right side, bandits, are all that remain.

Here is the voice from beyond the grave, speaking from the last will of the great Elder Zosima (+2002), the founder of several monasteries in the Ukraine, prophetically making clear what Orthodox in the Ukraine must do, if the worst comes to the worst:

I leave you my last will: even after my death, until your last breaths, guard, holy and for ever, all the heritage, the sacred traditions, the particularities of the services, which are recorded by the brethren and sisters in the monastery typikon, keeping them in every detail, forbidding a single change.

Adhere strictly to the Russian Orthodox Church and His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

In case the Ukraine should leave Moscow, through any sort of autocephaly -illegal or 'legal' - then the link with the Metropolitan of Kiev is automatically severed.

From the monasteries then existing, form a House of Mercy, which will fulfil the holy laws of mercy - serving people up to their funerals, and the monasteries must carry out this commandment for ever. Do not recognize any threats or curses, since they are uncanonical and illegal.

Abide firmly by the canons of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In case there should be a falling away from the unity of the Russian Orthodox Church - the ruling bishop does not exist, the monasteries will go over to stavropegic (independent) status under the jurisdiction of His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. I pray to God and I hope that His Holiness will not refuse and will take us into his jurisdiction.

If this is not possible, then the monasteries will go over to an independent status under an Abbot, like the Monastery of Valaam at the beginning of the twentieth century, with the radiant perspective of future times with the unity of the Ukraine and Russia, which, I believe profoundly, will inevitably come into being, and with which I go into eternity...

Leaving for eternal life, I utter unto you my last word, brothers and sisters and all those who pray in our monastery: keep to the Russian Orthodox Church - in her is salvation.

From beyond the grave I give forgiveness to all of you, may God forgive you and have mercy according to His great and rich mercy. Those who came to me for spiritual guidance, hold fast to the holy monastery: the brethren and the sisters will help you and direct you in the path of salvation..

From beyond the grave, without breath and without voice, I give to you Peace, Love, and the Blessing of God.

Schema-Archimandrite Zosima

All the Saints of the Ukraine, Pray to God for the Ukrainian Land and People!

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