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Standing up for Islam through their lack of faith and their pride, the Western peoples did not hesitate to resist the paths of Providence and so, as it were, in this case irrationally united their destiny to that of the sons of Hagar.

St Innocent of the Chersonese on the Crimean War, 1854

I will not attempt to tell you which form of suffering was greater for Serbia: the savage oppression of Islam from Baghdad or the Eastern campaign from Vienna and Berlin under the banner of pseudo-Christianity.

St Nicolas of Zhicha, The Tragedy of Serbia, 1915

While the great Shakespeare was writing his tragedies in ink, the Serbs wrote their tragedies in blood…While Milton was writing ‘Paradise Lost’, the Serbs felt more deeply than anyone else in the world that they had indeed lost Paradise…While Adam Smith was composing his great work ‘The Wealth of the Nations’, the Serbian people possessed only one great wealth - a strong faith and the hope of holiness.

St Nicolas of Zhicha, Serbia in Light and Darkness, a lecture given in Canterbury Cathedral, 1919.

I would like you, my readers, to use your imagination. I would like you to imagine that France has for centuries been a Muslim country, a country which has successfully invaded the south-east corner of England, that is the county of Kent, on no fewer than four occasions, in the fourteenth century, in 1810 under Napoleon, in 1914 and then again in 1941. Each time more and more French Muslims crossed from the shores of France to colonise Kent. Thus, incredibly, Kent, the very Garden of England, with the ancient spiritual centre of England in its Capital of Canterbury, has become partly Muslim. And opposite Canterbury Cathedral stands a huge mosque, the Arabic call to prayer echoing every day from its tall minaret over the whole city.

Indeed, gradually, thanks to a much higher birth-rate, the French Muslims have even come to outnumber the native English. Gradually, most of the English inhabitants of Kent, feeling oppressed in their own ancestral land, have been forced to leave by what once was a Muslim minority, but has now become a majority. With the support of the French government, the Muslims have become more and more active in calling for Kent to break away from England and become part of the Muslim Republic of France.

In fact, the Muslim French government has encouraged the ‘KLA’, that is the ‘Kent Liberation Army’, groups of Muslim drug-smugglers, gunrunners and sex-slavers, to work for ‘independence’ from England. (We should explain that sex-slaves are financially necessary to the KLA and service the ‘needs’ of the thousands of lustful NATO troops in Kent. A few years ago NATO bombed London and invaded Kent, in order to prevent the English government in London from occupying and policing Kent, in defence of the native English. Their troops have to do something).

Nearly 250,000 English refugees from Kent are now in camps in other parts of England, as a result of the Muslim ethnic cleansing of the native population of Kent. The remaining English, now less than 10% of the population in Kent, are daily harassed, some 150 of their churches have been burned down and Canterbury Cathedral attacked. Meanwhile the EU and the USA sponsor the KLA and insist that Kent become an independent country, allied with the Islamic Republic of France, and they threaten the government in London with all sorts of menaces, both economic and military.

Only this is not an imaginary situation, this is not a nightmare, this is reality. The only difference is that all this is happening not in Kent, but in Kosovo.

Western Europe (and the USA) had better be warned. If Kosovo becomes a Muslim State, controlled by the criminal gangs that make up the KLA, the ‘Kosovo Liberation Army’, then it cannot expect any more protection from Serbia, the country that has always protected the West like a bulwark from militant Islam. If Kosovo becomes a Muslim State, then Western Europe and the USA will find themselves on the brink of a catastrophe of their own making. This will be a turning point, after which Western Europe and the USA will have to prepare themselves for great developments, not for the benefit of Western Europeans and Americans.

In this connection, we recall that on 16 December 1919, in St Paul’s Cathedral in London before the British Royal family, the following prophecy was made by the holy Bishop Nicolas of Zhicha in his lecture on ‘The Spiritual Rebirth of Europe’. Because Western Europe ignored the exhortations to repentance made in that lecture then, this prophecy is now being realised before our very eyes:

Today (Europe), swaying and stumbling, wanders on the very brink of an abyss which threatens it with death and she clutches at one or another fickle value. Europe has overshadowed the source of the light, she has wandered from the right path and become for mankind an unreliable guide to the future. Europe must return to the source of her light and inspiration, from which for centuries flowed the greatest achievements of her civilisation. Otherwise, in obedience to the laws of history, she will henceforth walk along the path of self-destruction and the extinction of her own civilisation.

O Europe, do not say that you were not warned!

Priest Andrew Phillips,
East Anglia

The Meeting of the Lord
2/15 February 2008

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