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The Last Chance

Love your nation – not because it is glorious, but because it is yours. He who is ashamed of his people shames himself.

Fr Alexander Dukhnovich c. 1850

The European Constitution is the pure child of the French Revolution

President Chirac, 2005

Introduction: The Unwinding of History

2007. The United Kingdom, a bureaucrats’ invention dating from 1921, continues to unravel. Northern Ireland sets out on the path to unity with the rest of the Irish island. Naturally and inevitably, it will unite itself to the Republic of Ireland. The threads of the tapestry of history unravel. Three hundred years after the forced Union of Scotland with England in 1707, Scotland decides to unbind itself and sets out on the road to independence. Soon, only England’s first colony, the Principality of Wales, will be left, until it too at last retrieves its independence from the Middle Ages. Then the independent Kingdom of England can at last be free of its Norman-imposed colonial burdens, as 1,000 years before.

The Renunciation of Freedom

On 22/23 June, Antony Blair, the British Prime Minister, a Scotsman, chosen only by 22.5% of the British electorate and without further consultation, signs his country up to the reformed EU Constitution, the so-called EU Reform Treaty. Effectively, he renounces the 800 years of freedom enshrined in the Magna Carta, which was exacted from Norman tyrants. Immediately after this, Mr Blair goes to see the Pope of Rome, his last State visit as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It is like King John renouncing his crown, placing it at the feet of the papal legate. All the more so when we know, as we do now, that all of this was part of Mr Blair’s scheme to become Roman Catholic by the end of the year.

The Renunciation of the Church

Once ‘subjects’ of Her Majesty, the British are now ‘citizens’ of the child of the French Revolution, the European Union. The French Revolution, with well over two million victims in France alone, was the blood-soaked movement which said ‘Yes’ to man and ‘No’ to God, thus effectively renouncing the freedom enshrined in Christ. Those who confess Faith in the God-Man Christ should realize that the basic principle of the EU is a totally secular, humanistic system of government, where the Church, marginalized and neutralized, is called a sect, if it is mentioned at all. But in rejecting the God-man Christ, the new Europe accepts the Antichrist and in rejecting man, the new Europe accepts the Antiman.

The Gathering of the Church

The role of the Church is to gather together before the end ready for the great harvest of the angels. And so it is that all the spiritually living fragments and vestiges, heroically retrieved and inherited from the first thousand years of Europe, are coming together into one, returning to their roots. So the true West, the true Europe, stands against the Anti-West, the Anti-Europe, that was formed during its second thousand years. Now is the last throw of the dice, the last chance. Already, sixty years ago, St Seraphim of Vyritsa prophesied that: ‘Many churches and monasteries will open in Russia. Even heterodox will sail to Russia in ships to be baptized’. This time is coming and we may well see it within our own lifetimes.

The Dividing of Freedom

However, the role of the Church is also to prophesy, warning of the disaster that looms ahead of us, if there is no repentance. And prophesy means division, for ‘Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword (Matt. 10, 34). For we are not called on to merge with the world, but to witness to it through faithfulness to the spiritual freedom of the Church, for ‘ye are a particular people’ (1 Peter, 2, 9). To prophesy is always a burden, for the voices I have to speak are the burden of the word of the Lord (Nahum 1, 1 / Habakkuk 1, 1). And to prophesy is to remove the veil of the Temple. But only those who confess the Faith of the Creed see what lies beyond the veil.

Conclusion: The Unbinding of History

Thus, European humanism has shown itself to be anti-human, basing itself on fallen man, man in all his sin. And because it is anti-Man, it celebrates the Anti-God-Man, the Antichrist. The seeds of unredeemed man contain his own downfall. So, the walls of Jericho fall and Satan laughs with delight. In opposition stands only the civilization of the God-Man. And strangely, the voice of the true West, the West which we love and of which we are not ashamed, unbound from the false West, coincides with the voice of Eternal Russia, which is that civilization of the God-Man. The present renewal in Russia, barely beginning, may or may not go further, but it is the only renewal we shall see before the end and therefore Europe’s last chance.

Fr Andrew

12/25 December 2007

St Herman of Alaska
St Spyridon the Wonderworker of Tremithus
Holy Martyr Peter the Aleut of San Francisco

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