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It was with surprise that I learned last week that my own parishioners had still not heard of the miracle on the Jordan, which occurred at Theophany, 19 January 2006. Today, I learn that no English-language website still seems to have spoken of the miracle. I therefore translate now the news communicated on the trustworthy Russian-language site on 24 January and at the same time on the site. May it be a blessing to the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which has been so much tried these past twelve months, and to all of us who are faithful to the Orthodox calendar.

Fr Andrew

On the Feast of the Baptism of Christ in the Jordan the Miracle Described in the Bible is Repeated.

As soon as Patriarch Theophilus of Jerusalem has finished blessing the waters, the River Jordan welled up and ran back. Exactly as happened after the Baptism of Christ, reports Interfax-Religion referring to the newspaper 'Life'.

As soon as silver crosses had been thrown from both banks of the Jordan into the calm waters, the river began to seethe. A whirlpool appeared and for some minutes the current turned back.

Five thousands voices were raised in delight over the Judean desert. It was difficult to believe one's eyes; just as 2,000 years ago, after Jesus Christ had entered these waters, so once more the Jordan changed its flow.


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