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World Peace?

The news that US nuclear missiles are to be sited in northern Poland, in effect on the Russian border, is profoundly disturbing. To the older generation it recalls the Cuban missile crisis of 46 years ago, but in reverse. This time, there is no Soviet atheist enemy and it is the US, not the SU, the white star not the red star, that is aggressively endangering world peace. Can we imagine the reaction if Russian missiles were to be sited on the Mexican border with Texas? We would probably already be facing a nuclear holocaust. Little wonder that there are those who have raised the question of President Bush’s mental stability.

All this comes at a time when Russian ships are still patrolling the Georgian coast, in case the US should try to make further insane arms deliveries to the anti-democratic, tribal warlord still in charge in Tbilisi. The 120 US military advisors there are now keeping a low profile after the humiliation caused, when many Georgian soldiers simply refused to fight against their Russian brethren and protectors. Thanks to God, the war instigated on the opening day of the Olympic Games by the US-manipulated Georgian regime, in an effort to maintain borders established by the Georgian atheist Stalin, has come to a fragile ceasefire. And the Ossetian and Abkhazian minorities are calming after last week’s Saakashvili genocide of Ossetians and brutal destruction of their capital.

The new round in the current US confrontation with Russia, this time manipulating Polish nationalism, is so far a war of words. Hopefully, the moderating influences of France, Germany and Italy, who all have a sense of the real world and a need for peace, can ease the international tensions caused by the provocations of the present US government. Hopefully, the American people, seeing the disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan and that half the world’s territory and population, including Russia, China, India and many other nations, are ranged against US aggression, will protest. Nevertheless, it behoves us all to pray that the US administration and all nations concerned will understand that Might is not Right, but that Right is Might. As St Alexander Nevsky said, when in the thirteenth century Russia was simultaneously besieged by Muslims and the West alike: ‘God is not in force, but in Truth’.

Fr Andrew

3/16 August, Holy Martyr Razhden

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