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(The wonder-working Icon of the martyred Tsar was brought to the Tulchinsko-Bratslavskaya Diocese (around Vinnitsa, south of Kiev) from 27 May to 4 June 2000, before the canonization in Moscow).

Fr Gregory could not stop repeating: ‘Forgive us, Sovereign, for betraying Thee, forgive us for not defending Thee, forgive us for crucifying Thee and Thy most August Family, we were like wild animals.’ Thousands of people from neighbouring villages...knelt and, not hiding their tears, prayed for only one thing: ‘Forgive us, all-Merciful Sovereign’…Fr Sergiy repeated…: ‘The sin of not forgiven until the fourth generation and to this day lies like a heavy burden on us and our children’…As soon as they had served a moleben and akathist to the Tsar-Martyr in the churches, it began to rain, and this after the lengthy drought in the Ukraine…Many miracles were revealed only after we had left…Wiping away his tears, Vladyka Ippolit said that we, our fathers and grandparents were guilty of his blood. Therefore it was the Orthodox duty of every Christian to bow our heads as low as possible and to say as sincerely as possible: ‘Forgive us, All-Merciful Sovereign. Forgive us, ever our loving father, forgive us, Tsar, thy children who have gone stray’. We visited over forty parishes...there was not a single church which was not packed. The hymn ‘O God, save the Tsar’ was sung, the bells rang out, there were church banners, processions…but the main thing was the tears…for our sins…The people sang the magnification. Voices grew hoarse, tears streamed from people’s eyes. But there was joy in the soul…

If ever you hear someone saying that Rus is dying, do not believe them. Rus is alive. Rus is being reborn, Rus is on her knees, in order to receive forgiveness and obtain her former glory…

In Miracles of the Royal Martyrs Vol II, P. 40-46, Chronos Press, Moscow 2001

1. Why, after the Coronation of Nicholas II, were hundreds of people trampled underfoot by a stampeding crowd, and why after this tragedy did the Imperial Couple attend a ball, and what did this omen mean?

After the Coronation of Nicholas II and Alexandra in 1896, a public reception was held at Khodynka Field outside Moscow. Here, free mementoes and food were given out to celebrate the Coronation. Over half a million people gathered and all went well until a wicked rumour started that there would not be enough to go round. Panic started, many hundreds of people were trampled to death and thousands were injured. Instead of celebrating, afterwards Nicholas and Alexandra spent a day visiting the injured in hospital after hospital.

On the evening of the same day, the Imperial couple were forced to attend a ball at the French Embassy. They had not wanted to attend on account of the tragedy, but were informed by the Tsar’s uncles, the Grand Dukes, that they if they did not, there could be a diplomatic incident with France. The Tsar and Tsarina, Alexandra’s face swollen with tears, dutifully attended the ball. (Later, of course, France took Russia’s side in the First World War).

This omen meant that if the Russian people did not repent for their lack of faith and thirst for material things (there is always enough to go round in a land blessed by God), not only hundreds, but millions would be trampled to death and a whole nation injured in the stampede of faithless materialism, for ‘man shall not live by bread alone’ (Deut 8,3 / Matt. 4,4).

2. Why was the Tsarevich haemophiliac?

Outwardly, it was because he had inherited this condition from its carriers, his mother the Tsarina, her mother Alice of Hesse and her mother Queen Victoria. However, the inward significance is that, already by the time of the Tsarevich’s birth, Russia was losing spiritual blood, bleeding to death, on account of her loss of faith. This was clearly announced by the holy prophet John of Kronstadt. As a result of the mystical link between Russia and the heir of the Tsar, the Anointed of God, the physical condition of the Tsarevich worsened and improved alternately, as the spiritual condition of Russia worsened and improved alternately.

3. Why did Rasputin appear and what is the true significance of his appearance?

Who was Rasputin? Firstly, he was not a monk, let alone an elder. As a young man, he had become very religious and converted to living Orthodoxy, he had married. He became a pious, married peasant with three children and was granted a gift of healing. Introduced to the Royal Family in 1905 on account of his healing powers (the Tsarevich had been born in 1904), Rasputin was permitted access to the Court usually only once or twice, and never more than four times, a year. Although at first behaving with great piety and generosity, once Rasputin had been adopted by high society, he came to be slandered by the jealous aristocracy who did not share in his access to the Court. As for himself, he was unable to deal with the praise he received and fell towards sin.

Mystically, Rasputin represents the Russian peasant masses and their corruption by the material blandishments of the unbelieving elite, most of whom, unlike the faithful peasants, betrayed the Tsar, because they coveted power for themselves. Thus, it was the Westernized elite who encouraged the revolutionaries, financing them, slandering the Imperial Family, allowing the tragic events of 'Bloody Sunday' in 1905, when over a hundred demonstrators were killed by inexperienced and panicky troops in the Tsar's absence, and finally welcoming the abdication of the Tsar in March 1917. Many of them later fled to Paris and other foreign cities where many of their descendants proclaim their anti-Russian ideology to this day. Their corruption was expressed by Nicholas II in his often-quoted words: 'I am surrounded by treason, cowardice and deceit'. In these words he described the vices of the decadent upper classes, whose influence demoralized the masses and forced him to abdicate.

4. Why did Nicholas II defend Serbia and enter into the First World War, which had such disastrous consequences for Russia?

The Serbian question was a question of principle: either let a brother-people be trampled underfoot and so open a breach in the Orthodox world, or stand up and defend her against the Austro-Hungarian bully. In other words, Russia was faced with a choice, to stand back and adopt the ‘comfortable’, materialistic values of Western Europe, or else take the spiritual and moral high road of self-sacrifice and integrity. The Tsar, fully supported by the vast majority of his subjects, took the latter course in nobility of spirit. In this way, tens of millions of souls found their entry into the Kingdom of Heaven.

In 1932, the great Serbian saint, St Nicholas of Zhicha, explained this very clearly:

In our own times the Russians have repeated the Battle of Kosovo. If Tsar Nicholas had held onto an earthly kingdom, a kingdom of selfish motives and petty calculations, in all probability he would today be sitting on his throne in Petersburg. But he held onto the Kingdom of Heaven, to the Kingdom of heavenly sacrifice and Gospel morality, and as a result was himself with his children and millions of his brethren deprived of life’.

These words are prophetic, for today, exactly seventy-five years on, Serbia and Russia face yet another Battle of Kosovo, against the secularist forces of globalization.

5. Why did Nicholas II abdicate from the throne?

As the Anointed of God, Nicholas II could not abdicate spiritually. However, he could abdicate politically, in order, as he hoped, to stop the bloodshed. His abdication took place, because he saw that his Monarchy was no longer supported. Yet, the fundamental principle of Orthodox Monarchy is popular support. The Tsar knew that without the Orthodox Faith, the Monarchy cannot exist, it risks becoming a divisive tyranny. In the Russia of that time, he saw that so many had lost their faith that he no longer had the support necessary to continue. He therefore made the sacrifice by relinquishing power and giving Russia into the hands of the Mother of God through her Reigning Icon, which miraculously appeared that very same day.

6. Why were Nicholas II and his family martyred in a mystical plot and what was that plot?

Nicholas II was all that stood between the sway of the Church over one sixth of the planet, as well as stability and peace in the Balkans and in the Middle East. The prince of this world wanted him removed. In this way, the single year 1917 was to become the year of destiny that made the twentieth and twenty-first centuries inevitable.

Thus, the Tsar was forced to abdicate by the Westernizers on 15 March 1917. Just over two weeks later, on 2 April, the United States entered the Great European War. On 2 November, Great Britain, bankrupted, but in control of Palestine, was forced by its financiers into making the Balfour Declaration to establish a Zionist State on Palestinian territory. Five days later, on 7 November, the Bolsheviks came to power in the second anti-Russian Revolution. Thus, from 1917 on, the USA and those who control them, came to dominate Western Europe, ensuring the defeat of the Kaiser’s Germany, the collapse of European Empires, and, paradoxically, the inevitable rise of Stalin and Hitler and another, even bloodier European War. At the same time, the Balfour Declaration ensured the never-ending conflict between Jew and Arab, right up to the present-day so-called ‘War on Terror’.

For all this to take place, the Russian Tsar had to be removed in such a way that he could never return to power. The last Emperor of the House of Romanov (Roma Nova – New Rome) was to become the last Emperor of Rome, the first of whom had been St Constantine. Thus, the Romanov dynasty, which had begun at the Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma, was to end at the Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg. This could only take place on the orders of the dark powers. At the Ipatiev House, where the martyrdom took place, Non-Russians assassinated the Imperial Family, writing three letters, forming a kabbalistic inscription on a wall, indicating: ‘Here the King was sacrificed to bring about the destruction of his kingdom’. The form of the inscription made clear that the act was carried out in obedience to a higher authority.

7. Why is Russia only today beginning to recover from Communism, even though it officially ended as long ago as 1991?

Communism did not end in 1991, but rather developed into a sort of satanism, controlled by Non-Russian oligarchs who robbed the Russian people of tens of billions of dollars. At the same time, streams of pornography and occult practices entered Russia from the West. In reality, Communism fell only in 2000 after the canonization of the New Martyrs and Confessors with, at their head, Nicholas II and the Imperial Family. It was only then that the previous chaos began to cease. The criminal oligarchs were given shelter by foreign governments, including the British, and in London today one of them is openly plotting a bloody revolution against Russia. As for Russia itself, healthy spiritual forces began to fight back and gradually push back the tide of moral corruption.

In order to understand why the healing of Russia began only with the canonization of the New Martyrs and Confessors and Tsar Nicholas and his Family, we must not overlook the intimate link between the Tsar and his people, expressed by the Tsar-Martyr himself: ‘I have the firm and absolute certainty that Russia’s destiny is my destiny and the destiny of my Family is in the hand of God, Who put me where I am. Whatever happens, I bow before His will, in the knowledge that I have never had any thought other than to serve the land He entrusted to me’. (From the Reminiscences of Maurice Palaeologue, from the words of the Foreign Minister Sazonov and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Stolypin). In other words, the destiny of the Tsar is the destiny of Russia. If he is glorified by all, Russia will be glorified, and the once Godless empire will become an empire of Godliness.

However, Russia is only beginning to recover. She will only fully recover when all Russia, until the fourth generation, has repented for the crimes of its forebears in deposing and slaying the Orthodox Tsar, when all Russia has repented for the martyrdom of God’s Anointed by its forebears and the Orthodox Monarchy is restored.

8. Why does Nicholas II often appear to people in military uniform?
As you know, there are many photographs of the Tsar dressed in military uniform. These mainly go back to the very end of his earthly life. But his earthly life was not the end of his life and in his heavenly life, he continues to fight at the Front. This Front is no longer on the physical Western borders of Russia, but on the spiritual Western borders of Russia. This is a mystical Front. This is the Front of the war against Western secularism, against alcoholism and abortion, against crime and corruption, for the salvation of the souls of Russian Orthodox, of all Orthodox throughout the world, of all the souls of all nations. It is therefore entirely appropriate that he should frequently appear in dreams and visions in military uniform.

No-one should underestimate the importance of this present War against Western secularism, this world, spread throughout the world by ‘globalization’. (The word ‘globe’ means ‘the world’, which means 'secular'). This War, the Third Patriotic War (the first two were fought against the forerunners of Antichrist, Napoleon and Hitler), is now going on for the soul of Russia, the soul of Orthodoxy, to Church the souls of the Russian Orthodox people. In the century before last the great St Ambrose of Optina had already prophesied it:

If, in Russia too, out of contempt for the Divine commandments and on account of the weakening of the rules and resolutions of the Orthodox Church and for other reasons, piety fails, then there will inevitably follow the final fulfilment of what is written at the end of the Bible, that is in the Book of Revelation of St John the Divine.

In other words, the War that is going on now is the beginning of the last battle. All conscious Orthodox (sadly, so many are not conscious and so are creating divisions in the Church) are at the Front. Either Russia and the Orthodox world will continue and the rest of the world will continue with them, because the Apocalypse will have been postponed, or else the end will come – and sooner than anyone thinks.

Priest Andrew Phillips
East Anglia

5/18 June 2007
St Dorotheus of Tyre
Birthday of the Royal Martyr the Grand Duchess Anastasia (1901)

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