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How the New Cold War Ended

By our correspondent in free London

London, 18 December 2014: The world’s media have today announced the triumphant homecoming of John Smith, the first ever First Minister of newly-independent England, after his sixteen-month long exile in Moscow. We remind readers of the complex chain of events that led to his exile in Russia and yesterday’s proclamation of an independent England.

The process all began six years ago in the distant Caucasus, where the unstable US-backed Georgian dictator, Michael Saakashvili, a great admirer of his compatriot Stalin, invaded the southern part of Ossetia with his US-trained and equipped forces. Following this, Russian Federation troops liberated the area and rescued the terrorised Ossetians. The Federation then gave independence to the small countries of Ossetia and Abkhazia and set about guaranteeing the freedom of the new states from any future NATO-led invasion. At the same time the Federation encouraged the grateful Georgian people to free themselves from the tyranny of the Caucasian warlord and his corrupt government elite.

This elite, mainly members of Saakashvili’s extended family, had been turning Georgia into another US-financed banana republic. Readers will recall the dramatic pictures when pro-democracy Georgians, escaped from Saakashvili’s prisons, attached chains to the statue of Stalin in his birthplace of Gori, pulled it down with a tank and danced on the broken statue. After this came the despatch of Sakaashvili to the Hague to be tried for the Ossetian genocide. However, sitting in his cell there, he is still awaiting sentencing after politically-manipulated arguments among the judges.

As a result of seeing the Russian encouragement given to small countries to liberate themselves from historic oppression, NATO declared a new Cold War. However, at the same time a whole chain of countries in Western Europe obtained their freedom for the first time in history. Thus, after the 2009 proclamation of the corrupt European Union elite as ‘The Fourth Reich’ and its almost immediate collapse, the Belgian Federation dissolved, just as the Czechoslovak and Yugoslav Federations had before it. Then, in 2010, Catalonia finally received independence from Spain, followed by Galicia and, in co-operation with the French government, the Basque Country. In 2011 the French government at last ceded independence to Brittany and Corsica.

After the break-up of Italy and Germany in the same year and the dissolution of NATO, the London Olympic Games in summer 2012 were marked by the refusal of Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English participants to take part as a ‘British’ Team. Their refusal to use the 18th century Imperialist Union Flag as a uniting emblem brought threats from the ruling British junta in London, which they bravely ignored. In England the wave of popular support and patriotism that spread after the Olympics and the triumphs of the English team led to the internet election of John Smith as Prime Minister, who won with 96% of the popular vote. (It should be noted that since only 92% of the electorate voted, the actual figure of popular support was slightly lower than 96%).

Although hunted down by the junta’s Special Forces, who had previously been involved with the mysterious deaths of the former Foreign Minister, Robin Hook, and the government advisor, Dr Solomon Kelly, in September 2013 John Smith managed to escape to Russia via Little Russia (formerly called the ‘Ukraine’). In the Little Russian capital of Kiev, where they were celebrating the fifth anniversary of their liberation from NATO, John Smith was welcomed as a hero for freedom. He was escorted to Moscow by a victorious motorcade and there too was given a hero’s welcome, granted asylum and awarded a St George’s Cross by the Patriarch of all the Russias.

Meanwhile, in early October, the English Royal Family, which had been declared ‘unwelcome’ by the British ruling junta, since it had openly disapproved of the junta’s anti-democratic nature, fled to New Zealand. The atheist Republican Prime Minister Lillyhand at once declared himself President. The political crisis following the exile of the Royal Family came to a head last month on 9 November 2014, the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This took the form of a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) from the ‘United’ Kingdom in Belfast. At once the long-awaited reunification of Ireland took place amid great rejoicing.

This spelled the end of the UK, which had been created by the London political elite in 1921. In a state of panic for their well-paid jobs, the ‘British’ political establishment with their self-interested proclamation of ‘Britishness’ (though no-one had ever known what that was), brought armed police onto the streets to quell popular unrest. Nevertheless, three days later, the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments declared independence on 12 November, bringing rejoicing among the peoples of Scotland and Wales.

Although the minority-elected ‘British’ Conservative-Labour junta in London had in 2013 declared John Smith’s internet election to be ‘illegal’ and threatened to crush continued pro-John Smith demonstrations with tanks, the Army mutiny of early December 2014 meant that President Lillyhand and the other government commissars were left powerless. Members of the ruling junta rushed to the Sudanese Embassy in jeeps, where they were helicoptered out of the country from the roof of the Embassy building in London. (The Sudanese military regime, which had been provided with British arms, was the only country in the world that would take the British quislings).

It was only today, 18 December 2014, that John Smith, who had so successfully sought and found asylum Moscow was able to return to England. He is not only a free man, but also the first popularly-acclaimed and democratically-elected First Minister of free England. This morning he and senior members of his ‘Young England’ Party issued a public statement to the assembled world media, confirming: ‘We have never wished to be enslaved by any foreign State, either Transatlantic or Continental. Indeed, the people of England have been fighting against such oppression ever since 1066 – long enough for anyone to know our true mind’.

Ecstatic demonstrations in support of John Smith are being held throughout England today. The anniversary of his flight to Little Russia, 15 September, has been declared ‘Battle of England Day’ and made an annual holiday. Celebrations will continue tomorrow, when the Royal Family returns from exile in New Zealand. The new English Capital has been fixed in Stratford-on-Avon, the seat of the new English Parliament, and St George’s Day has been declared the national holiday - England’s first ever. A Treaty of Friendship is to be signed with the governments of Scotland, Ireland and Wales and the English government will take part in the new, four-nation ‘Council of the Isles’.

Stop Press: Following the events in England, it has been reported that no fewer than thirty-six States of the USA have now declared independence from the Shrub administration in Washington. Led by now free Alaska, they have called for an end to ‘Big Government’ and the establishment of ‘the UCA’ – the United Confederation of America. It seems that the USA, the first great experiment resulting from the 18th century Enlightenment (the second being the French Revolution of 1789, the third the Bolshevik coup d’etat of 1917 and the fourth the foundation of the EU Fourth Reich in 2009) is over. Like so many peoples before them, the generous American people are now at last beginning to enjoy the taste of true democracy. Many Americans are today celebrating their new-found freedom from the well-rehearsed propaganda manipulations of the old US ‘news’ media and their former masters in the Washington elite.

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