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‘The world economic crisis is part of a plan by the global elite to drive humanity into an electronic concentration camp.’

There are things that we have long suspected and even known, but tend not to say for lack of proof or support, for fear of being mocked. Today, 8 April 2009, the Interfax News Agency, which is closely linked to the Russian Patriarchate, reported the following story. It supports what we have long thought and what became apparent as long ago as 1917 and even earlier:

According to Valery Filimonov, a scientist at the Petrovsky Academy of the Sciences and Arts and an expert on Biocybernetics, the global elite is trying to drive humanity into ‘an electronic concentration camp’ and the only thing preventing it is the Christian world-view.

‘It is not a secret that the main driving force behind the construction of a globally networked society is not erudite specialists, but representatives of the anti-Christian cosmopolitan ‘global elite’, he said, when he was interviewed by the Interfax Agency. He added that a society is being created in which each person will be under the continual, day and night surveillance of ‘Big Brother’, which will protect the interests of today’s masters of the planet – the kings of speculation and global money-lenders’. ‘It must be said that it is becoming increasingly clear that the economic crisis which has unfurled on us is an inherent part of the plan of the ‘global elite’ to enslave humanity’.

In his opinion, it can be clearly stated that ‘not only is a system of total surveillance, but of absolute control over humanity, is being constructed’. To support his views, he quoted Resolution 20 of the European Group for Ethics in Science and New Technologies, which speaks of the vital need for ‘the transformation of the human race’ through ‘the development of technologies which are body-friendly’.

He commented that humanity will be subject to changes through ‘the implantation into the body of various electronic devices, electronic chips and ‘smart’ marks’. He considers that ‘the God-given freedom of each human being will be completely repressed’ and that human behaviour will change as a result. ‘People will have to live according to the strict rules of systematised behaviour, in other words, they will be transformed into managed appendages of an automatic system. It is perfectly obvious that that in such a globally networked society people will not be able to live according to their religious convictions. It is not a secret that the organisers of ‘the new world order’ have declared Orthodoxy ‘Public Enemy No 1’, said the academic.

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