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The Prayer for the Council

Russian Orthodox from around the world are now gathering in Moscow for the Local Council which is to elect a new Patriarch. The faithful wish to see a Patriarch who is honest and uncompromised, a man of prayer and a missionary, who will further the unity of all Russian Orthodox. That the Council may be inspired by the Holy Spirit, many Orthodox are every day saying the prayer for the Council that some weeks ago was inserted into the liturgy:

Look down, O all-good Master, on the forthcoming Council of Thine Archpastors, pastors and faithful children, that it may order our Church in ways pleasing unto Thee, and grant them the spirit of wisdom and reason, the spirit of the fear of God, the spirit of piety and zeal for the glory of Thy holy name: fence them round about from all temptations, seductions and divisions, that in love and oneness of mind and without hindrance they will choose the First Hierarch of our Church, we pray Thee, O All-Compassionate Lord, hear us and have mercy upon us.

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