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‘In today’s Russia the words of Jesus Christ are stronger than the words of Trotsky and Lenin’.

The Spanish newspaper ABC writes that the May 2009 Conference at the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain was extremely useful. One of its participants was Natalia Narochnitskaya, head of the Paris-based Russian Institute for Democracy and Co-operation. An MP of the Russian Parliament between 2003 and 2008 and an anti-globalist, she gave a talk at the Conference about historic and contemporary Russia.

In it she warned conference-goers of the US strategy to gain control of all the energy resources in Europe and Asia and also of ‘the decline of Europe as a result of its nihilistic values’. The Spanish newspaper wrote that ‘Russia is returning’. In an interview with Natalia the newspaper quoted her words that, ‘Russia is going its own way’, but it is totally obvious that although ‘Russia belongs to European civilisation…it is also the heir of Byzantium’. She added that, ‘The future of Russia is the future of Europe’.

She explained that the word ‘democracy has a different meaning in Russia. In Western Europe it means the ‘philosophical concept of liberal democracy’, but in Russia the concept of the nation is most important and treason is seen by 92% of the population as unforgivable. ‘Russians understand that in the absence of a strong Russia a new Roman Empire had risen up, which, founded on a heap of printed dollar bills, bombs other countries’.

Speaking of the United States (between 1982 and 1989 she worked at the UN), she noted that the USA represents a civilisation without a culture. She found Americans pleasant, sympathetic and child-like, but the ideological motivation of the dollar created a predatory attitude towards the rest of the world. The newspaper concluded that ‘Holy Russia is being reborn, that the words of Jesus Christ are stronger than those of Trotsky and Lenin and that former Young Communists are now going on pilgrimages to the holy places’.

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