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That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important lesson that history teaches us.

Herman Hupfeld.

Ninety-three years ago, in 1914, Western meddling in the Balkans triggered the First World War. This was followed by the Western-financed and organized anti-Russian Revolutions of February and October 1917 and all the worldwide disasters that have ensued since the martryrdom of Nicholas II. Incredibly, today, we seem to be seeing the same thing again. Only this time, without Austro-Hungary and the supporting Kaiser, the US, supported by the EU, plays the role of the meddlers. For present tensions in Europe are due precisely to Western meddling in the Balkans, not in Bosnia, but in Kosovo.

The seeds of the present tensions were sown years ago, back in the 1990s, after the fall of the atheist Soviet Union. Then, the West ignored its opportunity to encourage the emergence of pre-Revolutionary Russia. Instead, it encouraged the dismemberment of the East Slav world and the rest of the multinational pre-Revolutionary Russian Empire. Thus, the West helped create all manner of Muslim-inclined new States in Central Asia. And inside the Russian Federation itself, the West encouraged the emergence of what it had aimed at in its first February 1917 Revolution. This was the emergence of a pro-Western, Non-Russian mafia oligarchy to control the country and the creation though so-called 'democracy' of an anarchic 'Wild East'.

When President Vladimir Putin put a stop to this kleptocracy, he was condemned by the West, as he is still hypocritically condemned today, for 'undermining democracy'. This is particularly ironic when the popular Vladimir Putin was elected by a democratic majority twice, whereas both election victories of the unpopular George Bush are disputed and the equally unpopular Tony Blair has always led a minority government. As a result, the same Washington advisers who, with their oil agendas, once murmured dangerously about non-existent 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq are now dangerously murmuring about Russia.

The fact is that the West does not want Vladimir Putin, because he refuses to follow in the pro-Western mould of his corrupt predecessors. It was they who gave Russia away to Western-related, Non-Russian mafia oligarchs, while a 'New World Order' was established. This became apparent in 1999 when NATO attacked Serbia over Kosovo, in a US/EU war contrary to the UN charter. NATO had become no more than a means for the establishment of Washington's 'New World Order'. Support for this was given by Brussels, led by a self-interested Berlin and Vatican and a sycophantic government in London, lamely tagging along behind Washington.

Today, Russia has become much stronger, thanks partly to its natural resources and partly to President Putin's reforms that have punished crime and sent corrupt oligarchs scampering to their palaces abroad. Having rapidly freed itself from debt to international finance, Russia is now no longer willing to accept imperialistic demands from Washington and Brussels. In February 2007, President Putin gave a speech at a conference in Munich, accusing the U.S. of attempting to dominate the world. 'The United States has overstepped its borders in all spheres...and has imposed itself on other States', he said.

Thus, Russia's refusal to accept the West's attempts to impose the 'New World Order' now concerns the very place in the Balkans that sparked off the resurgence of Russia in 1999 - Kosovo. For months, Washington and Brussels have been promoting the independence of Kosovo, which they want to become an Albanian-run State. Moscow says that severing a region from a sovereign state is illegal. That seems logical enough. Moreover, Russia strongly suspects that Serbia is being treated the way the West would treat Moscow, if only it could 'divide and rule' even further. This, after all, is what the West has been doing the whole time, ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Accepting Kosovo independence would mean acceptance of aggression, which could be used against Moscow and indeed almost anyone. After all, the war in Kosovo was followed by a 'revolution' staged by the West in 2000 and absurdly replicated in the Ukraine and Georgia, everything funded by suitcases of tens of millions of dollars and euros, channelled through Warsaw. Having seen both Romania and Bulgaria fall to the EU and a ring of missiles to be placed in the EU-subject Slav countries around it, Russia is all the more nervous. There is nothing strange in Russia's protection of Serbia. In so doing, Russia protects itself, and all of us who value freedom, from the 'New World Disorder'.

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