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The Sourozh Journal is Relaunched

It is very heartening to discover that the journal of the Sourozh Diocese has reappeared after a long interval of turbulence in the life of that Diocese. Called ‘Sourozh, a Journal of Orthodox Life and Thought’, it is available from Russian Orthodox parishes (ROCOR and MP) around the country, or from Sourozh Magazine, 67, Ennismore Gardens, London SW7 INH, or via the Sourozh website (

We well remember the launch of issue No 1 and can see how very different this issue No 104, is. We thoroughly recommend this new form and have found its contents most interesting. As Fr Michael Dudko writes in the Editorial: ‘For us it is important that our magazine should make a contribution to the development of English Orthodoxy in the Russian tradition’. We wholeheartedly agree and can only regret the long decades when this was not so.

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