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The Rebirth of the Soviet Union

It is quite clear that in the history of mankind there is not a single civilisation which perished from a lack of bread; they all died of spiritual famine. The spiritual life of the peoples of Europe in our day is extremely impoverished and pitiful.

St Nicholas of Zhicha, The Rebirth of Western Europe, a talk given in St Paul’s Cathedral in London on 16 December 1919.

Today, 4 February 2008, French politicians prepared the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the renamed God-less European Constitution, steadfastly rejected by French and Dutch voters in May and June 2005.

Thus, today France’s political elite met and changed the French Constitution, for the new Treaty is unconstitutional according to that Constitution. Inside the Palace of Versailles, the symbol of the death of popular monarchy and the rise of absolutist power and past decadence, suicidally they changed their own Constitution. The French politicians inside the Palace were protected from the demonstrating crowds of the people outside by stern CRS paramilitary police. The people were calling for a referendum, so that the French public could once again in freedom reject tyranny.

Standing near the French paramilitaries in their SS style uniforms, members of the crowd recalled how similar the Lisbon Treaty was to the original atheistic European Constitution. They mentioned too how closely it resembled the Soviet Constitution of seventy years ago and pointed out that this whole event was little more than a ‘coup d’etat’. Of course, at one time some European elites used to allow their peoples referenda on such treaties. They knew that if they did not get the answer that they wanted, they could always repeat the referendum until they obtained ‘the right answer’. But now even this farce has been abandoned, as European powerbrokers impatiently move a step closer to full Europe-wide dictatorship, as advocated by those often dark forces which now rule over us.

Thus, the old pagan Imperial Roman idea will be restored. The dictator Karl the Tall (Charlemagne) tried to do it over 1200 years ago, renewing Roman paganism and rejecting the Church in order to do so. There came after him, and imitating him, all manner of other tyrants and atheists, Napoleon and Hitler standing out among the more recent of them. Today the unelected bureaucrats now in power over the unconsulted European masses, which are fed on the Western propaganda myth of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’, debate in their Palace behind their paramilitary protection. Whatever happens, do not let the people get near – otherwise the truth might be heard and the long-dreamed of President of Europe will not be elected.

We know that the union of Western Europe is only a preparation for the union of the rest of the world. Historically divided and the seat of two World Wars, if Western Europe can be united, then the rest of the world will follow. The effects of Western European union will ripple across the world, inspiring imitators on all Continents, in Latin America, Africa and Asia. For once all Western Europe is united, its frontiers drawn on the borders of still spiritually free Orthodox East Slavdom, the union of most of the rest of the world will fall into place that much more easily. And thus the enthronement of the prince of this world, of whom the first President of Europe will only be a prefiguration, can come about in Jerusalem.

We have no illusions. The outcome is inevitable, but we can at least struggle to slow down the process, so that the harvest at the end will be all the greater. For every prayer said is a second gained and perhaps a soul saved. Today we are not witnessing the rebirth of the Europe, but rather the rebirth of the Soviet Union and all its tyranny, in Western Europe and under the name of ‘The European Union’. On this, the feast-day of the holy Apostle Timothy, who ‘honoured God’, Europe has ceased to honour God.

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