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Here’s Looking At You
Surveillance Cameras as Weapons of Mass Distrust

Christopher Howe

‘Today in Russia, tomorrow in America’.

The above prophecy of Fr Seraphim (Rose), made over thirty years ago, struck a chord with many of us at the time. We thought: ‘He too can see what is happening here, not only in America, but all over the Western world’. However, the Sovietization of the Western world began to be clearly visible only with the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was as if the legions of demons who had been tormenting Russia since 1917and before had heard that there were now richer pickings in the West. So they began making their way there throughout the eighties and nineties.

The process of Sovietization has perhaps nowhere ‘progressed’ so far as in the United Kingdom. In the eighties, under the deChristianized, Cromwellian government of Mrs Thatcher, centralization set in and the culture of targets began. This was carried even further by the deChristianized, Calvinist government of Blair and Brown. Today, the situation resembles that of the five-year plans of the Soviet regime, which were fulfilled and overfulfilled and yet nevertheless caused a shortage of everything. The culture of form-filling and ticking boxes for the ever-expanding army of government bureaucrats is indeed Soviet in style. Although those bureaucrats are quite capable of losing copies of disks of information on 25 million people, we can be sure that they still have the originals.

Thus, the old puritanism, with its bigotry, intolerance and witch-hunts of Non-Puritans has been replaced with the new puritanism of secularism, with its bigotry, intolerance and witch-hunts of anything Christian. The present climate of anti-Christianity in the Western world and the daily petty-minded persecution of Christian values by political correctness reminds me of the time before the Russian Revolution, when the Russian media were largely controlled by atheists and ritual slanderous attacks on the Russian Royal Family took place. Today it is here too – our Royal Family must also be removed – it is the bearer of Christian Tradition.

All this process has been accompanied by a culture of surveillance, reminiscent of George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’. As some have remarked, the only thing wrong with that novel is that has the wrong date as its title. How long before websites like this are censored? The article below has been written by a Non-Orthodox but perceptive writer on the problem of surveillance. We fear that he too ‘can see what is happening here’.

From a Resistance point of view it is important, when discussing features of the modern world, to avoid the trap of treating each "issue" as if it were complete in itself, separate from all other considerations. No discussion of surveillance cameras can exclude the whole agenda of electronic monitoring, collective mind-conditioning, the advent of global totalitarianism and the one-world prison state.

Surveillance cameras are everywhere. We are the most spied-upon nation in the world, with more cameras than the rest of Europe put together. Almost everyone you meet is aware of this tit-bit of information - it has spread even faster than the cameras themselves. At current estimates there are some 5 million of these Dementors (1) in Britain, more than 20 per cent of the world's total, and they cast their cold, empty stare over a population amounting to just 0.2 per cent of the world's total, For the paranoid that's one for every twelve individuals; and people everywhere have spoken about the uneasy feeling of being watched constantly, as though by guards patrolling the high walls of a concentration camp.

Those who argue in favour of surveillance usually cite CCTV’s ability to catch or deter muggers and tearaways - and, more recently, terrorists. These arguments can be taken with a grain of salt. The "successes" they score involve such offences as late night fights outside pubs or, for private retailers, petty pilfering. Far from deterring career criminals, it has been found that the cameras actually cause an increase in theft, the thief seeing them as a challenge to his skill and audacity.

Likewise with terrorism. Even if (being generous) we accept the official versions of 9/11 and 7/7, there is no possibility that CCTV cameras will for a moment deter the messianic zeal of terrorists. What is clear is what we suspected already: surveillance cameras do not cause crime to decrease at any level. Indeed, Steven Swain of the Metropolitan Police states, 'I don't know of a single incident where CCTV has actually been used to spot, apprehend or detain offenders in the act.' So, then, at whom are these millions of hostile eye-rifles really aimed?

The answer is that they are not aimed at anybody - at least as far as preventing crime is concerned. They may make ordinary people feel they are being treated like criminals, but this serves the conditioning process. Surrounded by the silent hostility of an alien power, people may feel uneasy and agitated; or they may rationalise that these things must do some good. In this they are assisted by soothing messages ("For your safety and security, CCTV cameras are in operation..."). Thus people slowly become used to the fact of being watched day and night. Exactly why they are being watched only becomes clear when we consider the ideology of "progress".

When we speak of crime most of us have an instinctive knowledge of what is meant by that word. We say it is activity forbidden by law on the understanding that the law expresses a clear distinction between right and wrong. And, naturally, we are startled to find ourselves on the wrong side of the law when we uphold traditional values. This happens because the new lawmakers loathe traditional beliefs and distrust ordinary people. They are apostles of change in the form of a militant relativism - that is, not simply relativism that refuses to accept right and wrong in a traditional moral sense, but militant relativism in that it seeks actively to deny ordinary people the right to believe in them either. The new lawmakers' mission has been called messianic materialism, and it can only have the most diabolical end.

This is where the agenda of progress becomes operative, and why CCTV cameras proliferate. The progressive mentality sees goodness and wellbeing as belonging in the future. The present has to be overcome; every aspect of it must be isolated, analysed and modified. Humanity, as the Liberal Elite sees it, has been conditioned by superstition and hierarchy and must be educated away from such absurdities. Every single facet of human existence, therefore, down to the most reflex, most mundane individual thought, must be examined and assessed so as to ensure that everybody's rights are protected. Rights, being based on group identity, notably sex and race, mean that individual autonomy must inevitably be curtailed. The larger the area opened out to political scrutiny and control, the greater the potential number of violations to be addressed - and thus we come face to face with the most complete totalitarianism yet conceived. The liberal intellectual in opposing historical "conditioning" fails to notice he has become one of the new Conditioners (2).

In short, the CCTV cameras currently in place - not to mention those still to come, of greater sophistication - are there in readiness for a wholesale monitoring of everyday behaviour, down to the smallest gesture, in response to government research committees' "discoveries" that such and such a facial twitch or shuffling change of step indicates a hidden "denial" or "racism". We have been told that the new cameras will be able to identify certain types of behaviour from certain movements and use children's voices to admonish the perpetrator.

To some this may sound laughable - but no one of sound mind should be fooled. The television show Big Brother was started simultaneously in America and most European countries. This could not have happened without the connivance of the global powers. The format, as sadly many will be aware, is that several young people of limited intelligence are incarcerated under one roof and their behaviour monitored day and night on CCTV. Apparently the show's controllers deliberately induce conflict in order to observe and analyse reactions. Several other "reality" shows have followed in short order. The Big Brother experiment shows that CCTV surveillance is not about preventing crime, but about monitoring and shaping behaviour. The fact that the inmates and the public may vote on expulsions is a reminder that totalitarianism can easily be brought to fruition within a democratic framework.

People are thus becoming accustomed to being spied upon. This sets the scene for wholesale behaviour modification ordained by the New World Order and enforced by the state. The intended ethos will be that "everyone belongs to everyone else" (3). The result will be a tumultuous and incessant egalitarian wrangling over rights and privileges, each dispute confirming the power of the Conditioners overseeing the whole process. The struggle among the masses of ordinary people will be for those things that appeal to the animal side of human nature, those things we see being fostered all around us by the media today. This will be entirely acceptable to the Dark Powers, since the prevailing ethos can be invoked to justify rationing material benefits.

What will be unacceptable will be the desire of any individual to cultivate the higher purposes of life, those things for which God created man. Dignity of dress, manners, speech and carriage, hinting at the noble or spiritual, will at first be mocked and lampooned and, if persisted in, called to account by the Conditioners. Where religion is allowed to survive, it will do so only on condition that it becomes "inclusive", emphasising a this-worldly chumminess, and relinquishes any claim to doctrinal or liturgical significance. This will, of course, be to avoid offending other religions. Thus will "inclusive" religion negate the whole purpose of religion just as multi-culturalism negates culture; and an infantilised (4), animalised sub-humanity, stripped of every means of knowing itself, will be drawn down into a sludge of collective sub-uniformity. It hardly requires superhuman perception to recognise that this process is already under way.

It may be asked: Why Britain? Surely this left-liberal ideology has been advancing throughout the developed world, as shown by the Big Brother example. Why should CCTV cameras be so populous in Britain in contrast to, say, Continental countries? The answer is that the explosion of progressive ideas in the 1960s had a more dramatic effect in Britain than anywhere else, though they had a considerable effect everywhere. 18th century Enlightenment ideas had always had a certain currency in Continental countries, however limited, and the 1960s were an intensifying of those same currents of thought. Britain's identity, by contrast, was based historically on conservative individualism, sturdy self-reliance and a common-sense mistrust of too much intellectualising.

The 1960s expansion of universities and cheap social science degrees fostered among the young a trend of flatulent social theorising that jarred savagely with our historical identity. Immigration, cultural distortions, the rejection of our history, as well as a sponsored immorality, all helped bring about the deep schism which now scars our national life. On one side stands the mass of ordinary people, dismayed and powerless; on the other, the Liberal Elite of 1960s radicals and its acolytes in the media, the courts and the administration, particularly local councils with their-massive social services departments. This elite; with its progressive obsessions, has never trusted ordinary people with their everyday conservatism. And this lack of trust by the agents of liberal internationalism towards the remnants of Old England is at the heart of the agenda of surveillance. Never mind what practical justifications are put forward, CCTV cameras are Weapons of Mass Distrust.

We come, then, to the $64,000 question: what do we do about it? And the 'it' in this case is not just surveillance cameras but the whole ethos and paraphernalia of surveillance, including the New World Order's plans for a miscegenated, global subhumanity, subsisting barely above the level of farm animals.

The first thing to understand is that no amount of lobbying or demonstrating will make any difference. Many in the Resistance pursue their specific causes - tacitly accepting everything else - in the naive belief that the system is still responsive to the will of the people. It is not, and has not been for a very long time, if indeed it ever was. A meeting with your MP, who promises to convey your concerns or your petition to the appropriate Minister, is mere window dressing. The New World Order is relentless and will continue to impose its will through the mechanism of a corrupt nation state. What the people want counts for nothing. This is particularly true in the current climate where we are overruled by the Enemy Union in everything that matters.

The time is at hand when the Resistance must start to gather its forces. Up to now it has been fragmented and passive. It must become united and active, and it must be under no illusions regarding the nature or the magnitude of its task. We may or may not be as gentle as doves, depending on any given situation, but without question we must be as wise as serpents. The agents of darkness are in the ascendant and have been for a long time. Until the implications of their agenda are fully understood, by all within the Resistance, we cannot hope to take effective action, by which we do not mean taking to the streets en masse.

We need something more than a political party or crusade that can easily be infiltrated and undermined. All political parties operate within a narrow, pre-defined area and are forced to appeal to a mass mentality, shaped and moulded by the globally controlled media. This mass mentality is one of public docility in which images are used to bypass critical thought and to shape popular sentiment, drawing people into a contrived conceptual framework like animals to a watering hole. We shall quietly replace this mass mentality of public docility with a mass consciousness of private intelligence.

Instead of slogans and promises in the hope of a brief, futile period of office, our endeavour will be to draw our people into a self-sustaining world, harnessing the culture, the language, and the consciousness of truer times. Indeed, the finely-honed scalpel by which we separate ourselves from the Pit will be our commitment to the higher qualities of courage, nobility and generosity, while rejecting the base appetites of the sludgelings. In all things we shall affirm ourselves constantly as servants of God, our Monarch and our Nation - that is, the formerly-slumbering, now-awakened nation that was trampled over by post-1960s Officialdom. We are the Husbanders of Golden Grain (5). We shall incubate in unity and harmony within the apostate world that crumbles in decay all around us as we expand spiritually, culturally and economically.

One of our great challenges will be to develop an organisation of strength and flexibility, but without external references - that is, having no official identity or membership. This will involve the construction of a vocabulary and means of communication exclusive to us, its adherents. We shall develop means of mutual recognition known to ourselves and to no one else. Safe from the prying eyes of those we might once have trusted, we shall develop our strategy as we develop our collective being. Nothing as one-dimensional as a political party, we shall be a vibrant nation embodying all that is good and true and noble. And, growing in spiritual power, we shall draw towards us - soul by soul and silently - all those who seek to escape from the process of institutional degradation.

Any nation that refuses to live under the law of God - no matter what its legal/judicial arrangements - is living unlawfully. It is this that will inform the actions of our people when we encounter CCTV cameras or any of the satanic monstrosities being prepared for us. They are unnatural tools for those who see man as merely an animal, and the "protection" and "security" they offer is that provided for farm animals. They are the culmination of a long process of animalisation, and they are in the profoundest sense of the word unlawful. In rejecting the New World Order we reject its surveillance technology as the work of the Dark powers. Against its attempts at coercion, we shall defend ourselves and our people by any means necessary, and we shall shine forth in power and splendour as the liberal atheistic modem world stumbles and staggers into terminal confusion and decay.


1. From the Harry Potter novels - hooded, wraith-like creatures bringing despair and terror.

2. The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis. The modern Conditioners are exactly as Lewis describes.

3. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

4. Brave New World, P.85 - Bernard Marx is admonished to adopt an attitude of ‘infantile decorum'.

5. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - Verse 15

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