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A new Rus, strong in her faith in Christ God and the Holy Trinity, will be raised up on the bones of the martyrs.

St John of Kronstadt, 1905

Beloved Land, soon to made fragrant and all-holy, shone through and warmed by the love of so many martyrs' blood, there is an unknown redolence and effulgent light in thy still brightening churches; we neither ask why, nor question how - but we know and feel and have Faith.

Premonition from Orthodox Christianity and the English Tradition, 1974

And you, have you repented for the murdered Tsar, for the Russia that has been laid to waste, for the faith that has been profaned?

Elder Nikolai Guryanov (+ 2002) (Reminiscences p. 49)

In 1980 there were 19 monasteries or convents in the Russian Orthodox Church. Exactly twenty years ago, in 1987, the Russian Church consisted of 67 dioceses and 6,893 parishes. Today the story is different:

Bishops (2007) ... 182

Priests and deacons (2006) ... 29,450

Parishes (2006) ... 27,303

Nuns (2006) ... 10,072

Monks (2006) ... 5,920

Convents (2006) ... 376

Monasteries (2006) ... 337

Theological Academies, Orthodox Universities, Theological Institutes, Seminaries and Theological Institutions (2006) ... 84

Orthodox High Schools (2006) ... 200

Schools in which The Foundations of Orthodox Culture course or similar courses are taught (2006) ... 11,184

Sunday Schools (2006) ... 9,920

Social foundations (old people's homes, alms-houses, charities, rehabs for drug addicts and alcoholics etc) (2006) ... 1,433

Number of services celebrated by Patriarch Alexis (2006) ... 170

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