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Two Blows for Freedom: Thirty Pieces of Silver for Your Soul

On Thursday 12 June the British Shadow Home Secretary, Mr David Davis, resigned in protest at the Labour government’s highly controversial decision to allow itself to detain people for up to 42 days without charge. In itself, this event may not seem worthy of comment, but we believe that his protest is indicative of the essentially tyrannical nature of the Calvinist government in this country. After all Mr Brown is, as usual, only trying to implement Mr Blair’s already failed and wildly unpopular policies.

As Mr Davis himself put it, over the last decade three minority-elected Labour governments have ‘strangled and eroded 800 years of freedoms through bullying and bribery’. Mr Davis’ decision to resign and stand for re-election means that voters in his constituency will now be able to vote for his stand for freedom or to reject it. For Mr Davis has stood down on account of this oppressive new law, brought in, it is said, only through the bribery of MPs from Northern Ireland.

It seems as though the Labour Government is so cynical and cowardly that it will not even oppose Mr Davis’ risky but brave stand. For his stand is not just against this law, but against the whole surveillance society brought in by the repressive Blair-Brown regime over the last eleven years. Their Scottish Calvinist regime has seen the nationwide installation of millions of CCTV cameras, the bedrock of their dictatorial bureaucracy, the right of the government to arrest and detain people for up to 28 days without charge, the right to curtail democratic protest and the threat to introduce biometric identity cards. As Mr Davis has put it, he refuses to see our ‘fundamental liberties’ being exchanged ‘for thirty pieces of silver’.

Here we make no party political point. Firstly, Mr Davis has resigned against the opinion of his PR-executive Conservative leader, who uncannily resembles Mr Blair. All packaging (‘spin’ and ‘presentation’) and no content, no beliefs or principles, it would seem. Instead of playing party politics, Mr Davis has chosen to resign on grounds of ‘a matter of high principle’ – a rarity among politicians of any persuasion. Secondly, in party political terms, we have not forgotten that the Big Brother surveillance society, like the imposition of needlessly stressful ‘performance management’ and Soviet-style ‘targets’ on virtually everyone by faceless government bureaucrats, was not a Labour Party invention. It was introduced by Mr Davis’ own Conservative Party, then under the leadership of Mrs Thatcher, no less a smug and hypocritical moralist than Mr Blair. For he was her true heir. Mr Major, who directly succeeded Mrs Thatcher was only an untalented accountant and bureaucrat like Mr Brown, who has in turn succeeded Mr Blair.

Indeed, Mrs Thatcher, like her Thatcherite successors, was a great admirer of the Calvinist Cromwell, the appalling regicide, terrorist and mass-murderer, the English Lenin, the source of so many problems in these islands. And Cromwell’s statue still stands proudly outside the ‘Mother of Parliaments’ – supposedly a place of freedom – in London. Whereas in Moscow calls are heard almost every week to remove the putrid corpse of the regicide, terrorist and mass-murderer Lenin from near the Russian Parliament, there are no plans whatsoever to remove the statue of Cromwell from outside the English Parliament. But then the Party that sits inside the Russian Parliament was elected by some 65% of Russians, whereas the various Parliaments dominated by Prime Ministers Thatcher, Major, Blair and the present and unelected Brown were elected only by between 22% and 38% of the people of Great Britain.

So much for ‘Western democracy’.

It is of course a pity that Mr Davis has woken up so late in the day. Where was he, when his Party could have voted against Mr Blair’s Calvinist, meddling bombings and invasions of other sovereign nations, rather as Cromwell invaded and meddled in Ireland some 350 years before him? Where was he when it became obvious that the terrorism of the Blair government was breeding vengeful terrorists in the midst of British society? We have no truck with terrorists of any sort, neither with the political ones in the British government, nor with the sons and daughters of Muslim immigrants who are outraged, but who are still murderers, no better than the politicians whom they object to.

Of course, we feel sorry for the heroic and ill-equipped British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, who struggle to follow impossible and absurd political orders and vainly risk death in obedience to the incompetence of their political paymasters. We have just such a hero among the members of our own church. But we also feel sorry for the hundreds of thousands of displaced, mutilated or dead Iraqis and Afghans. They only wanted a quiet life until the CIA first imposed and then deposed Hussein in Iraq and before the mad Brezhnev invaded Afghanistan and lost his self-created and bloody war there, in much the same way as Western countries are doing nearly thirty years later.

But it is heartening to hear of any politician who has principles and puts them above mere party politics and its conventions. It is heartening to hear of anyone who defends the cause of freedom, even though he will be branded a maverick or an egoist for his nobility by cynical journalists, especially those of the Murdoch Empire. This is because it is heartening to hear of anyone who has the guts to turn down ‘thirty pieces of silver’ and prefers instead to save his soul and perhaps save the souls of some others too. Is there still a faint hope that the ghost of Cromwell, the Calvinist tyrant and model for Lenin, who has this time come back through the back door of the Scottish Blair and Brown and their cronies, their path well-prepared by the English Calvinist Mrs Thatcher, will be laid after all these centuries?

It is notable that Mr Davis’ protest came on the same day that the Irish people voted to turn down the extension of European Union tyranny by rejecting the Lisbon Treaty. This Treaty is basically the renamed European Constitution that had already been rejected by European peoples in earlier democratic referenda in 2005. As usual, having seen their schemes rejected, the Eurocrats of Brussels simply renamed and introduced their machinations by the back door, without consulting European peoples, whom they considered to be too stupid to understand what they were planning.

However, they forgot Ireland. Out of 490 million people in the EU, the tiny Irish nation of fewer than four million were the only ones allowed to vote democratically on the issue – much to the anger of the unelected Eurocrats. The other twenty-six governments concerned knew that if they allowed democracy, they would not obtain the ‘yes’ vote that they required to extend their dictatorship. It is notable, for example, that Mr Brown, whose party originally promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, then broke that promise. But we would expect no more of him.

No doubt, the Eurocrats may now resort to their tactic of having people vote again, until they produce ‘the right answer’. Alternatively, they may not even bother to allow the Irish people to vote again at all, but will work their ‘democracy’ through bullying and bribery, like Mr Brown. Or possibly they will simply ignore the Irish people’s vote and steamroller through their dictatorship. The Neo-Bolsheviks in power in Brussels have studied their Lenin very thoroughly. When will the putrid corpse of Euro-tyranny be removed from its Brussels tomb and buried? Or will we be required to kneel down and worship it too?

Fr Andrew

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