Orthodox England

Excerpt from: Volume 3 Issue 2 Date 1st December 1999

Warning to a Younger Brother

To the Elder Brother, the Twentieth Century:
You have brought mass destruction,
You have brought universal destruction in potential,
You have mutilated the limbs of millions in your wars,
You have aborted hundreds of millions of young lives,
You have crushed the poor of the Earth.
You have broken the children,
You have destroyed the beauty of their childhoods,
You have made sterile the lands and the men and the women,
You have poisoned the minds of the weak,
You have made them think that there is no God.
You have done the will of the Father of lies,
But the Just Judge is coming to judge you.

All the wrongs shall be righted,
All the wars and cruelties shall be ended,
All the hatreds and tyrannies shall finish,
All the thirst for power and riches shall come to naught,
All the young men sent to suffer and die,
All the young women wronged,
All the fathers and mothers whose children died,
All the lives blighted,
All the childhoods broken and hearts of children crushed,
All the waters, the airs, the lands and the forests sullied,
All the innocent suffering of the Earth,
Whose hearts bleed and cry for the Justice of the Judge,
They shall be heard.

Twenty First Century - you have been warned.

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