Orthodox England

Excerpt from: Volume 3 Issue 4 Date 1st June 2000


A Page from the English Philokalia

'I worship and adore the living and true God, Who created all things'.
St Alban the First Martyr, > 301

'We ought to be thinking about every possible way of saving ourselves'.
'Learn to have constant faith and hope in the Lord'.
'He who serves God shall never die of hunger'.
'Stand firm in the faith, take heart, lest sudden temptation find you unprepared'.
'Faith works by love, not by matters of deep dispute'.
'I know that though they despised me during my life, yet after my death they will see that my teachings are not to be cast aside so lightly'.
St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, > 687

'When I read I listen to God, when I pray I speak to God'.
St Aldhelm of Malmesbury, > 709

'The key to knowledge is the humility of Christ'.
'The door of the Kingdom of Heaven is open, not to those who only know in their learned minds the mysteries of faith and the commandments of their Creator, but to those who have progressed far enough to live by them'.
St Bede the Venerable, > 735

'Whatever is not God is nothing'.
St Frideswide of Oxford, > 735

'I tell you, brother, from this time forth you must do no evil to no man, then you will be healed by the power of God'.
St Swithin of Winchester, > 862

'It is Thine, O Christ, to make the dead live'.
St Ethelwold of Winchester, > 984

'Christ Our Lord is bountiful to all those who believe in Him'.
'I shall not be moved from the authority of my Lord, even by the threat of death'.
St Dunstan of Canterbury, > 988

'May the Lord bring us together in Paradise'.
St Oswald of York, > 992

'Receive all who come to you and look after them'.
'God dwells in good men'.
'God honours the good intention'.
St Alphege the Martyr, > 1012

'The Church in the British Isles will only begin to grow when She begins to venerate Her own Saints'.
St Arsenios of Paros, > 1877

'Love God and find the Truth of your people'.
St John the Romanian, > 1960

'I entrust you to the care of your First Martyr St Alban'.
St John the Wonderworker, Archbishop in London, > 1966

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