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Western Europe moves against Christ

Only a few EU governments even dared to put the Lisbon Treaty to the popular vote. This was because they knew that they would lose, as indeed the Irish government did, before the Irish people were bribed into submission. Now that the Lisbon Treaty has today been accepted by all the governing elites of the European Union, it can pass into law next month.

The new Treaty automatically moves twenty-seven European countries ever closer to a tyrannical European Union and the dictatorship of a President of Europe. National governments will become no more than municipal councils with the right only to sweep roads and clean pavements. In the UK the opposition to it of the Conservative Party is seen as what it always was - fictitious. Here most people had also shuddered at the thought that the new President could have been the warmonger Tony Blair, responsible for thousands of deaths around the world in endless wars on three continents.

On the very same day as the superstructure for the Fourth Reich was set up, the Strasbourg European Court of ‘Human Rights’ (sic) ordered Italy to remove crucifixes from all schools. The court ruling, against which Italy said it would appeal, said crucifixes on school walls, a common sight and part of every Italian’s life, could ‘disturb’ children who were not Christians. Even Non-church-going Italians have taken this as an insult to Italian history and culture.

Virtually all the reactions in Italy were identical. Thus, the Italian bishops’ conference said the ruling evoked ‘sadness and bewilderment’. Members of the Italian government bristled, using words such as ‘shameful’, ‘offensive’, ‘absurd’, ‘unacceptable’ and ‘pagan’. The Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, said that the Court has dealt a ‘mortal blow to a Europe of values and rights’, adding that it was a bad precedent for other countries. Condemnation crossed party lines. Paola Binetti, a Catholic in the opposition Democratic Party, the successor of what was Western Europe’s largest Communist Party, said: ‘In Italy, the crucifix is a specific sign of our tradition’.

Many Italians must somehow sense that this is only the beginning. Crucifixes are abhorrent only to the demons. When twenty years ago, almost to the day, the Berlin Wall fell, hordes of demons, released from hell to the earth since 1914 and invading Russia in 1917, crossed from east to west. Their aim was to make the new European Union into the old Soviet Union – introducing their reign of spiritual terror in the West.

Over sixty years ago, amid the dark night of Stalinist terror, St Seraphim of Vyritsa prophesied that the day would come when Europeans would arrive in ships in St Petersburg to be baptised, for baptism would be forbidden in what we now know as the European Union. Some may find this exaggerated, but if twenty years ago it had been suggested that crucifixes would be banned from schools in Italy, people would have said that that was exaggerated. And yet here it is.

Another verse in the Book of Revelation has been read. When does the persecution begin?

21 October/3 November
St Hilarion the Great

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