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We can have no sympathy with Islamic terrorists, who fire their primitive but deadly rockets indiscriminately at towns in northern Israel. The fact that these terrorists are mainly the grandchildren of Palestinians, who were expelled from their own country by Jewish colonists some sixty years ago and then grew up in refugee camps, does not excuse them. On the other hand, we had thought that Israel itself worked according to the Old Testament law, 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'. This is clearly not the case.

Two days ago, it was announced that 29 Israeli citizens (half of them soldiers and several others Israeli Arabs) have been killed in the present war so far, but that 290 Lebanese have been killed. Apparently the new Israeli law is ‘ten eyes for one eye, ten teeth for one tooth’. Moreover, many more Lebanese civilians have died since then, whole families massacred, maimed and buried beneath the American-supplied bombs and shells of the American-supplied planes and guns, operated by the Israeli military. Whole areas of southern Beirut lie in ruins and they speak of 500,000 homeless refugees.

Presumably, the ordinary Israeli realizes that his government is not making friends with his neighbours. Presumably, he realizes why most of the rest of the world considers that Israel is a terrorist State. Presumably, he realizes that Israel’s tiny population is outnumbered by 100 to 1 by the surrounding Arab and Muslim world. Presumably, therefore, he understands that, by its actions, Israel is guaranteeing the hopelessness of its long-term future.

As regards the Western World, ominously silent as it stands idly by in the face of Israeli destruction and genocide in the Lebanon, presumably it realizes that its hypocritical silence is guaranteeing a future of Muslim hatred and bombings in Western countries. Were any other highly-militarized, Non-Western, nuclear country in the world bombarding and massacring the innocent citizens of a feeble, neighbouring country because terrorists were operating from its soil, then the Western powers would be screaming for justice. Not in the case of Israel. Apparently, the West supports Goliath and disapproves of David.

Let Israel steal Palestine from its native people. Let it humiliate generation after generation of Palestinians. Let it begin a worldwide conflagration around itself. Let it murder and maim hundreds of innocent men, women and children around it. Let the West supply the bombs to do the job. In its profound anti-Arab racism, the West appears not to care, indeed it fetes Israel as ‘a European country’, supporting its imperialism, which is only a repeat of the ancient imperialism of the Western Crusades. Let it not be surprised then, when next some crazed Islamic fanatics plant bombs in New York or London.

Indeed, we may well ask ourselves the question: Who controls the West?

Let the world draw its conclusions.

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