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Towards a Different World Order

In 1953 President Eisenhower said: ‘The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: A modern brick school in more than thirty cities’. Leaving office, he said: ‘We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage’.

In 1815, at Waterloo, Napoleon’s atheistic French Empire was defeated. In 1912 the Titanic, symbol of titanic British arrogance, sank. And in 2008, the American Empire, become decadent like that of Old Rome, went bankrupt. The neocon world has had its Waterloo and its ‘New World Order’ fantasy, like the Titanic, has been sunk by the iceberg of reality.

True, the masonic slogan of the new world order, Novus Ordo Seclorum, with the pyramid and the all-seeing eye, still stares out at us from every dollar bill. However, the dollar, the symbol of the whole Western financial system, has gone bankrupt at this turning point in 2008. The USA, the centre of world capitalism which so boastfully made global propaganda for the ‘free market’ and ‘deregulation’, has become United Socialist America. In this new country, corrupt banks have had to be nationalised, like any bankrupt and corrupt Soviet industry of 25 years ago. They have been subsidised by 700 billion dollars, ‘gifted’ to them by the American public. The greatest bank robbery in history has taken place.

This financial bankruptcy has come from spiritual bankruptcy. In other words, all this has come about because the West overreached itself. The attempt to destroy the Muslim world by arming Israel to the teeth and then invading Afghanistan and Iraq, has failed. Instead of undermining the real centres of Islamic terrorism, among its friends in oil-rich Saudi Arabia and strategic Pakistan, the West attacked the wrong countries in its war of terror on other peoples. Indeed, even the British ambassador and military commander in Afghanistan have in the last few days publicly admitted what we the public all knew from the beginning – that the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable.

Some failed to learn the lessons of Vietnam. These are: You cannot win a war by terrorising the ordinary people, even if you do call them all ‘Taliban’; you cannot win a war by occupying countries and then setting up corrupt and unrepresentative puppet governments in their capitals. (Hitler did that and also failed); you cannot impose ‘democracy’ by bombs and terror – especially when your own country seems not to be democratic, but rather appears to be ruled by a clique of billionaires, who share the same corrupt ‘ideals’.

Similar to the attack on the Muslim world, the neocon attempt to restart the Cold War by destroying the Orthodox world has also failed. The plan to manipulate the Patriarchates of Constantinople and Jerusalem, break Serbia up, EU-ise first Greece and then Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania, is one thing. But the plan to encircle Russia through the Ukraine and Georgia went too far. True, according to the French newspaper ‘Le Canard Enchainé’, 120 + American ‘advisors’ did help in the massacre of over 1,600 innocent South Ossetian civilians and destroy their capital of Tskhinvali with their Ukrainian-supplied rockets. This attack can be likened only to the attack on Pearl Harbour, where similar numbers perished in a similarly undeclared and unprovoked attack. However, while the US personnel tragically killed at Pearl Harbour were largely US Navy, in South Ossetia the neocon-backed warmongers chose to massacre civilians.

As for the illegally-supplied Ukrainian military hardware which brought down four Russian aeroplanes in the defence of South Ossetia, its suppliers, like those of the other military hardware delivered to Georgia, will be punished. Yushchenko, like Saakashvili and so many other tinpot puppets in the banana republics of Latin America in the past, will be ejected by their own peoples. The neocon Caucasian adventure, like the neocon Ukrainian adventure, is over. The paymaster has gone bankrupt. As one Orthodox bishop put it last Sunday: ‘I have experienced two dictatorships in my life – Hitler’s and the Communist. I did not wish to experience a third – an American’.

This spiritual bankruptcy has come about because Christian principles have been abandoned by the Western world, both in its finances and in its politics. So, economic collapse and political crisis have ensued. The greed that characterised the financial feeding frenzy of the last decades in the Western world has no basis in the Gospel. ‘You cannot serve two masters, God and mammon’. This frenzy has been punished by the greatest bank robbery in history, as the American public has been robbed by their government and banks of 700 billion dollars - the same amount as the US ‘Defense’ Department currently wastes on its military forces every single year. But it is not only the US which is involved. No better is happening anywhere in the Western world, especially in the EU countries. In Western Europe too, debt, greed and irresponsibility have been nationalised and gone unpunished, because they were all allowed and indeed actively promoted by political elites who fed at the same trough.

What hope is there? It is there in the story buried in the small print of the Western media. (Who says that the Western media are free, when they all tell the same lies? Surely, they must all be orchestrated from the same central point?). This is the story that the sleepy courts of the Russian Federation, stuck in the inertia of their Communist past, have at last rehabilitated the long since canonised Russian Royal Family, murdered and martyred by the Communist regime in 1918. Ninety years on, the innocent have actually been declared innocent and a justice system has actually done justice.

Nominally Russian Orthodox Society is at last beginning to catch up with the practising Russian Orthodox Church. The 95% of baptised but unChurched Russian Orthodox are beginning to understand something. Namely, that Communism spelled financial bankruptcy, because it professed spiritually bankruptcy. It is time to unbolt the hundreds of statues of Lenin, who murdered the now-rehabilitated Royal Family, statues that still befoul hundreds of provincial Russian towns. It is time to remove the red star from the Kremlin tower. It is time to restore the noble names of thousands of metro stations, streets, squares, towns, regions, at present named after mass-murderers. It is time to set free the Russian media, the Ministry of Education and a hundred other Russian State Departments from their atheist inertia, their spiritual death. Finally, it is time to remove the corpse of the syphilitic mass-murderer and his Babylonian ziggurat in Red Square. It is time that the relics of the sainted Russian Royal Family - and so their values - were enshrined at the heart of Russia. It is time that the whole nation did repentance – and also, if by miracle it were possible, all the Western nations, which so hypocritically supported the Russian Revolution and rejoiced at the downfall of the Tsar in 1917. In the sainted Russian Royal Family the whole modern world has been given a role-model, an ideal. This family is a global, but not globalist, phenomenon.

Of course, globalisation has not ended. But the globalist takeover plan has been postponed. Antichrist will still one day come, but the Apocalypse has been delayed. We have all been granted a breathing space through the prayers of the saints. Today we are heading towards a different world order from the one world order planned by the prince of this world and set out only a few years ago. We do not know what exactly this different world order will resemble, but it will certainly have many centres and a diversity of orders and values. The world is turning towards diversification, ‘multiglobalism’, with space for different values and different causes, some of them, thank God, at odds with the self-indulgent, self-worshipping humanism of the millennial Western project, which has deified man in all his sin and vice.

Our Orthodox values are those embodied by the Russian Royal Family, long ago canonised by Churchmen, today rehabilitated even by secularists. These values proclaim that sinful man has not become god, but that sinless God has become man and that in His footsteps and in His Church we can all find spiritual freedom from spiritual bankruptcy, economic collapse and political crisis.

Fr Andrew

25 September/8 October
St Sergius of Radonezh

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