Commemoration of Our Father among the Saints David, Bishop at Menevia, Enlightener of Wales

Month of March

Commemoration of Our Father among the Saints David, Bishop at Menevia, Enlightener of Wales

Composed by Reader Isaac Lambertson

At Vespers

At Lord, I have cried, these stichera, in Tone VIII Spec. Mel.: O all-glorious wonder

O all-glorious wonder! From childhood thou didst adorn thy life with virtue, and having been made a priest of Christ wast truly shown to be a luminary for His flock. Wherefore, having vanquished the demons by thy tireless spiritual warfare, in soul thou hast ascended on high, where thou beholdest thy Lord and Master face to face in the splendour of His glory.

O all-glorious wonder that human flesh could be so mortified! For, following the ascetics of the desert thou didst lay waste thy body, resisting all the temptations of the flesh and putting away from thee all carnal thoughts, O David blessed of God; wherefore, arrayed in garments of purity as for a wedding feast, thou hast entered, rejoicing, into the joy of thy Lord.

O all-glorious wonder, the grace of God which doth sanctify and deify filled thy humble soul, O David, and thou didst preach with eloquence against the accursed Pelagius, refuting his vile heresy, watchfully fending off from the faithful from its pernicious harm, and leading them in gladness into the splendid courts of Christ, to the mansions of the righteous.

Glory, of the holy bishop, idiomelon, in Tone III

Come, O ye assembly of the faithful, and with reverent voices let us praise the holy bishop David, who as a good shepherd guided his flock to the Faith with the word of Truth, by his virtues teaching them to tread the straight and narrow path which leadeth to paradise. Truly, for his obedience the Almighty hath bestowed upon him manifold spiritual gifts, which he freely imparteth to those who bless his holy memory, entreating Christ to have pity on us and grant us remission of sins.

Now & ever: Theotokion, or this stavrotheotokion: Spec. Mel.: Troparion of the saint, in Tone III

Let the Christians of Wales join in gladsome chorus, uplifting their voices in joyous jubilation, as we celebrate the feast of the wondrous David, their holy father and enlightener, who now dwelleth with the saints on high, and doth ever earnestly intercede for us sinners.

At Matins

Canon of the saint, with 4 troparia, the acrostic whereof is David droppeth miracles like holy dew, in Tone VI

Ode I

Irmos: With an upraised arm Christ drowned the chariots of Pharaoh and his power, and saved Israel, who sent up the hymn: Let us sing unto our wondrous God!

Deign Thou to fill my mouth with eloquence, O Christ, that I may praise the wondrous David, who enjoineth us, saying: Let us sing unto our wondrous God!

A youth comely and full of divine grace, thou didst undertake to study well the Scriptures, O holy David, that thou mightest sing unto our wondrous God.

Verily did thy fellows behold a dove with beak of gold playing at thy holy lips, O glorious David, teaching thee to sing the praises of our wondrous God.

Theotokion: In voices of exultation let us hymn the all-pure and immaculate Theotokos, that, saved by her supplications, we may sing unto our wondrous God.


Irmos: All the heavens, which were established by Thee, O Word and Power of God, confess Thine ineffable glory and the creation of Thine all-accomplishing hands; for there is none holy save Thee, O Lord.

Despising the vanity of the world, O sacred one, thou didst flee to the venerable Paulinus, great among ascetics, and he taught thee to cry out to the Master of all: There is none holy save Thee, O Lord!

Destroying his bodily eyes by constant weeping, the elder Paulinus fell blind; but, full of the power of the Word of God, the holy David healed him, crying out: There is none holy save Thee, O Lord!

Replete with the grace of God, David most great set it as his holy task to build many churches and to establish many monasteries, wherein the pious might sing: There is none holy save Thee, O Lord!

Theotokion: O the heavenly glory of thine ineffable birthgiving, O holy Virgin and Mother For in manner beyond the comprehension of man thou gavest birth to thine own Creator, the Word and Power of God.

Sessional hymn, in Tone I: Spec. Mel.: When the stone had been sealed

Withdrawing from the tumults of the world, O holy David, thou didst willingly bend thy neck beneath the yoke of Christ, submitting in obedience to the holy Paulinus, who trained thee to contend with skill against the adversary of our race. Glory to the Judge of thy contest! Glory to Him Who gave thee the victory over Satan! Glory to Him Who hath awarded thee the wreath of victory!

Glory…, Now and ever…: Theotokion

Stretching forth thy divine hands wherewith thou didst bear the Creator Who in His goodness became incarnate, O all-holy Virgin, beg thou that He deliver from temptations, sorrows and tribulations us who praise thee with love and cry out: Glory to Him Who dwelt within thee! Glory to Him Who came forth from thee! Glory to Him Who hath delivered us by thy birthgiving!


In awe at Thy great and awesome forbearance, O Saviour, the all-pure one lamented bitterly and cried out to Thee Who wast crucified on the Cross by the iniquitous and Whose side was pierced with a spear by the soldiers: Glory to Thy love for man! Glory to Thy goodness! Glory to Thee Who by Thy death hast rendered man immortal!

Ode IV

Irmos: Thy virtue hath covered the heavens, O Christ, and all things have been filled with Thy praise, O Lord.

Pious men offered up praise to Christ at Glastonbury when the holy David restored the monastery there.

Poisonous had the waters at Bath become, but by the power of Christ, David made them fit for use again.

Enlightening all the Britons, everywhere the holy one went he built churches, wherein to praise the Lord.

Theotokion: The Theotokos was full of the beauty of all the virtues; wherefore, the heavens resound with her praises.

Ode V

Irmos: Enlighten me who rise at dawn out of the night, I pray, O Thou Who lovest mankind, and guide me in Thy precepts; and teach me to do Thy will, O Saviour.

Having filled the land with monastic habitations, the pious David made his abode in Menevia, where he taught the Saviour’s sacred precepts unto all..

Mortifying all carnal-mindedness, O God-bearer, rising at dawn out of the night thou didst show thyself to be a worthy model of all the Christian virtues.

Imitating the austerities of the ascetics of the Thebaïd, thy monks, bending their will to thine, O saint, committed themselves to fasting and constant prayer.

Theotokion: Rising at dawn out of the night, I beg the merciful Mother of God with tears and sighs, that by her intercession I may learn to do the will of her Son.

Ode VI

Irmos: With all my heart I cried out to the compassionate God, and He heard my cry from the uttermost depths of hades, and hath led my life up from corruption.

Abstaining from all but bread and pulse, and slaking their thirst with water alone, led by thee thy monks attained deliverance from corruption.

Constant was thy mental prayer, O saint, for thou didst follow the injunction of the Apostle to pray without ceasing; and God led thee up from hades.

Leading the sheep of thy flock like a good shepherd, O wondrous pastor, thou didst drive from them the demonic wolves, delivering their souls.

Theotokion: Every true Christian crieth out in anguish to the compassionate Bride of God; and, hearkening to our pleas, she entreateth her Son to lead up their life from corruption.

Kontakion, in Tone IV: Spec. Mel.: O Thou Who wast lifted up willingly on the Cross

O thou who didst willing take up thy cross and follow Christ the Lord, and didst fill thy land with new communities dedicated to Him, send down from heaven the grace of God, O great and wondrous David, that we Christians may prevail over all heresies, having thee as an invincible ally amid our struggle for piety.

Ikos: Let us now fittingly praise David, the bishop of Christ, for he was called by God from his mother’s womb to sanctify the people of Wales, and by them was chosen to be their chief bishop; and conducting his ministry in a God-pleasing manner, he brought multitudes to salvation by the gifts of the Spirit which abode in him; wherefore, he is the great boast of all the Welsh, and an invincible ally amid our struggle for piety.


Irmos: We have sinned, we have committed iniquity, we have dealt unjustly before Thee. We have neither done nor acted as Thou hast commanded us. But forsake us not utterly, O God of our fathers.

Sinful and iniquitous is the accursed heresy of Pelagius, who belittled the power of divine grace and exalted the feeble efforts of man’s will; but David set his blasphemy utterly at nought.

Like mute fish did the defenders of Pelagius become, being utterly silenced when the holy one made clear the doctrines of piety by the grace and power wherewith Christ filled his godly mouth.

Inspiring the faithful of Wales to turn from heresy and embrace the Truth, David was acclaimed as a champion of piety, who would in nowise forsake the true worship of the God of our fathers.

Theotokion: Knowing the magnitude of our sinfulness and the multitude of our iniquities, we would despair of all mercy; but forsake us not utterly in thy supplications, O all-immaculate and merciful Lady.


Irmos: In the flame the youths gave the command to hymn God the Father and Creator, the consubstantial Son and the Spirit of God: Let all creation bless the Lord and exalt Him supremely for all ages!

Ever did the holy David exhort his flock to worship the All-holy Trinity the unoriginate Father, His only-begotten Son, and the all-holy Spirit in Orthodox manner exalting Him supremely for all ages.

Having taken up the saving yoke of Christ with single mind, bear it to the end, the holy David cried out to his brethren, and whatsoever ye have seen with me and heard, keep it and fulfill.

O the love of the saint for the sheep which Christ, the Chief Shepherd, had given into his care! For, dying, he earnestly besought them to bless the Lord and exalt Him supremely for all ages.

Theotokion: Lambent is the light of thy grace, and though the furnace of our fiery passions rageth mightily, rescue us from its flames, O Mother of our God Who is exalted supremely for all ages.

Ode IX

Irmos: Finding everlasting deliverance from the dread sentence brought upon our race by our first father Adam, with the bodiless ones we glorify thine Offspring Who was begotten from on high, magnifying thee, the Theotokos, with hymns.

Ye saints of Wales, like bees returning with all speed to the hive at the approach of a storm were ye, forewarned by God that thy father and bishop David would soon depart to his Master and Creator; wherefore, ye magnified him with hymns.

Dying in body, O holy bishop, thy pure soul took wing, and the venerable Kentigern beheld it, soaring aloft, upborne to the heights of heaven by the hands of angelic beings; wherefore, we praise and glorify thy holy memory with hymns of joy.

Empty now lieth thy holy tomb, O protector of Wales, and over the ages thy precious relics have been dispersed near and far; yet in spirit thou abidest with all the saints of the Most High, ever sending heavenly aid to us who magnify thee with hymns.

Theotokion: When we must needs stand before the dread tribunal of thy Son and give answer for our countless crimes, O daughter of Adam and Mother of Christ, stand thou with us, and plead for us who magnify thee, the all-holy Theotokos, with hymns.