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Quadragesimus Oct 26
+ c 590. A shepherd and subdeacon in Policastro in Italy who raised a man from the dead.

Quadratus May 26
? A martyr in North Africa.

Quadratus Aug 21
3rd cent. A Bishop of Utica in North Africa who taught both clergy and laity to confess Christ. They were all martyred. St Quadratus was greatly revered in Africa.

Quartus and Quintus May 10
? Two citizens of Capua in Italy who were condemned and executed in Rome. Their relics were returned to Capua and enshrined.

Quentin (Quintin) Oct 31
? According to tradition, Quentin was born in Rome and went to France. He enlightened the area round Amiens and was martyred at the town now called Saint-Quentin.

Quinidius Feb 15
+ c 579. After living as a hermit in Aix in Provence, he became Bishop of Vaison in France.

Quintian, Lucius, Julian and Companions May 23
+ c 430. Three of a group of nineteen martyred in North Africa under the Arian Vandal King Hunneric.

Quintian June 14
? A bishop in France.

Quintian Nov 13
+ c 527. Born in North Africa, he fled to France to escape the Arian-Vandal persecution. Eventually he became Bishop of Rodez, but was exiled by the Arian Visigoths. He went to Auvergne where he succeeded St Euphrasius as Bishop of Clermont.

Quintius, Arcontius and Donatus Sept 5
? Martyrs venerated in Capua and elsewhere in the south of Italy.

Quintius (Quentin) Oct 4
+ c 570. A citizen of Tours in France, he worked at the court of the Frankish king. The reigning queen tried to seduce him and had him assassinated at L'Indrois near Montresor.

Quintus, Quintilla, Quartilla, Mark and Companions March 19
? Martyrs venerated in Sorrento near Naples in Italy. The three first were perhaps a brother and two sisters.

Quintus, Simplicius and Companions Dec 18
+ c 255. Martyrs in North Africa under the Emperors Decius and Valerian.

Quiriacus, Maximus Archelaus and Companions Aug 23
+ c 235. Bishop, priest and deacon respectively, from Ostia in Italy, martyred with a number of Christian soldiers under Alexander Severus.

Quirinus March 25
+ c 269. A martyr who suffered in Rome under Claudius II. He was one of those befriended and buried by Sts Marius, Martha and Companions.

Quirinus March 30
+ c 117. The jailer of Pope Alexander I, by whom he was converted with his daughter St Balbina. Shortly afterwards he was martyred in Rome under Hadrian.

Quirinus June 4
+ 308. Bishop of Siscia (Sisak or Seseg), now in Croatia. Having fled to escape the persecution of Galerius, he was captured and ordered to sacrifice to the gods. He refused, was barbarously beaten and handed over to the governor of Pannonia Prima at Sabaria, now Szombathely, in Hungary. There, on his continued refusal to apostatise, he was drowned in the River Raab.

Quirinus June 4
? A martyr in Tivoli near Rome.

Quiteria May 22
? A saint greatly venerated on the border of France and Spain, especially in Navarre.

Quodvultdeus Feb 19
+ 450. Bishop of Carthage in North Africa, exiled by the Arian Genseric King of the Vandals, after the capture of the city in 439. He reposed in Naples in Italy.



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