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Talarican Oct 30
? 6th cent. Probably Pictish, St Talarican was a bishop in Scotland. Several churches were dedicated to him.

Talmach March 14
7th cent. A disciple of St Barr at Lough Erc in Ireland and founder of a monastery.

Tanca Oct 10
+ c 637. A young girl near Troyes in France who was martyred defending her virginity.

Tanco (Tancho, Tatta) Feb 6
+ 808. Born in Ireland, he became Abbot of Amalbarich in Saxony and eventually Bishop of Werden in Germany. He was martyred by pagans whose savage customs he had denounced.

Tancred, Torthred and Tova Sept 30
+ 869. Two hermits and an anchoress martyred by the Danes at Thorney in England.

Tarsicia (Tarsitia) Jan 15
+ c 600. An anchoress who lived near Rodez in France.

Tarsicius Aug 15
3rd-4th cent. Tarsicius was seized by a heathen mob and preferred to die rather than expose the sacred mysteries to profanation.

Tarsila Dec 24
+ c 581. An aunt of St Gregory the Great, sister of St Emiliana and niece of Pope Felix. She led a life of seclusion and asceticism in her paternal home.

Tassach Apr 14
+ c 495? One of St Patrick's earliest disciples and first Bishop of Raholp in Ireland.

Tassio Dec 13
+ c 794. Duke of Bavaria and a great monastic benefactor. After founding many monasteries and churches, he became a monk at Jumièges in France but reposed at Lorsch in Germany.

Tathai (Tathan, Tathaeus, Athaeus) Dec 26
Early 6th cent. A hermit who settled in Glamorgan in Wales where he founded a monastery called St Athan's.

Tatiana and Companions Jan 12
+ c 225. A renowned virgin-martyr of the eminent Tatian family tortured and slain for the Orthodox Faith together with others in Rome.

Tatwine July 30
+ 734. A monk at Breedon in Mercia in England who was famed for his piety and learning. He succeeded St Brithwald, becoming the tenth Archbishop of Canterbury

Taurinus Aug 11
+ c 412. Bishop of Evreux in France.

Teio (Teilio, Teilus, Thelian, Teilan, Teiou, Teliou, Dillo, Dillon) Feb 9
6th cent. Probably born in Penally near Tenby in Wales. He was a disciple of St Dyfrig and a friend of Sts David and Samson. He founded Llandaff monastery (Landeio Fawr) in Dyfed where he was buried.

Telesphorus Jan 5 (In the East Feb 22)
+ c 136. A Greek who was Pope of Rome for ten years and was martyred under Hadrian.

Tenenan July 16
7th cent. Probably born in Wales, he became a hermit in Brittany and eventually Bishop of Léon. His relics were enshrined in Ploabennec.

Terence, Africanus, Pompeius and Companions Apr 10
+ 250. A group of fifty martyrs, imprisoned with snakes and scorpions and finally beheaded in Carthage in North Africa under Decius.

Terence of Metz Oct 29
+ 520. Sixteenth Bishop of Metz in the east of France.

Terentian Sept 1
+ 118. Bishop of Todi in Umbria in Italy. He was racked, had his tongue cut out and finally was beheaded under Hadrian.

Ternan June 12
? 5th cent. An early missionary bishop among the Picts in Scotland. He is said to have lived in Abernethy and been consecrated by St Palladius. He founded the monastery of Culross in Fifeshire.

Ternatius (Terniscus) Aug 8
+ c 680. Eleventh Bishop of Besançon in the east of France.

Tertullian Apr 27
+ c 490. Eighth Bishop of Bologna in Italy.

Tertullinus Aug 4
+ 257. A priest, martyred in Rome under Valerian two days after his ordination.

Tertricus March 20
+ 572. Son of St Gregory, Bishop of Langres in France, and uncle of St Gregory of Tours. He succeeded his father as Bishop of Langres in about 540.

Tetricus Apr 12
+ 707. Abbot of the monastery of St Germanus in Auxerre in France who then became Bishop of Auxerre by popular acclamation. He was murdered in his sleep.

Tetta Sept 28
+ c 772. Abbess of Wimborne in Dorset in England. She helped St Boniface by sending him nuns from her 500-strong convent, among whom were Sts Lioba and Thecla.

Theban Legion Sept 22
+ c 287. The army of Maximinian Herculeus included a legion (6,600 men) of Christians recruited in Upper Egypt. When the Emperor marched his army across the Alps to suppress a revolt in Gaul, he camped near Agaunum in Switzerland and prepared for battle with public sacrifices. The Christian legion refused to take part and were as a result consequence decimated twice. When they still persevered in their refusal they were massacred. Among those who suffered were Maurice, Exuperius, Candidus, Vitalis, two Victors, Alexander (in Bergamo) and Gereon (in Cologne). A basilica was built in Agaunum, now St-Maurice-en-Valais to enshrine the relics of the martyrs.

Thecla Oct 15
+ c 790. A nun at Wimborne in England, she went to Germany with St Lioba. She became the first Abbess of Ochsenfürt and then of Kitzingen on the Main.

Theneva (Thenew) Thenova, Dwynwen July 18
7th cent. The mother of St Kentigern and patron-saint of Glasgow in Scotland together with him.

Theobald (Thibaud) of Vienne May 21
+ 1001. Archbishop of Vienne in France 970-1001.

Theodard May 1
+ 893. A monk at the monastery of St Martin in Montauriol in France, he became Archbishop of Narbonne. Later the monastery was named St Audard after him.

Theodard Sept 10
+ c 670. A disciple of St Remaclus at Malmédy-Stavelot in Belgium and his successor as Abbot (653) and Bishop of Maastricht (663). He was murdered by robbers in the forest of Bienwald near Speyer in Germany on a journey undertaken in defence of his church.

Theodemir July 25
+ 851. A monk martyred in Cordoba in Spain under Abderrahman II.

Theodichildis (Telchildis) June 28
+ c 660. A nun at Faremoutiers in France, she became the first Abbess of Jouarre.

Theodora Apr 1
+ c 120? The sister of St Hermes (Aug 28) whom she helped in prison and under torture. She was herself martyred some months later. Brother and sister were buried side by side.

Theodora Sept 17
+ c 305. A noble lady of Rome and of great wealth, she devoted herself and her riches to the service of the martyrs during the persecution of Diocletian,. She seems to have reposed while the persecution still raged.

Theodore and Companions Apr 9
+ 869. Theodore was Abbot of Crowland in England and he and his monks were martyred by the Danes. Besides the abbot, several others were mentioned by name: Askega and Swethin, Elfgete, a deacon, Sabinus, a subdeacon, Egdred and Ulric, and also Grimkeld and Agamund, both centenarians.

Theodore of Bologna May 5
+ c 550. Bishop of Bologna in Italy c 530-c 550.

Theodore of Pavia May 20
+ 778. Bishop of Pavia in Italy 743-778. He had much to endure, including repeated exiles under the Lombard Kings.

Theodore of Canterbury Sept 19
c 602-690. A Greek who was educated in Tarsus in Cilicia, he spent some time at Athens and became a monk in Rome. He was aged sixty-six when Pope Vitalian appointed him to Canterbury at the suggestion of the African St Adrian in 666. They travelled to England together, Adrian becoming Abbot of Sts Peter and Paul in Canterbury. Theodore is rightly called the second founder of Canterbury. He visited all parts of the country, consolidated or re-established dioceses, promoted learning and held the first national Council in Hertford in 672. St Theodore is one of the greatest figures in English history.

Theodore (Theudar) Oct 29
+ c 575. A priest and disciple of St Caesarius of Arles and also abbot of one of the monasteries of Vienne in France. He founded several monasteries and reposed as a hermit in the church of St Laurence in Vienne.

Theodore the Sacrist Dec 26
+ 6th cent. A holy man and contemporary of St Gregory the Great in Rome.

Theodoric II of Orleans Jan 27
+ 1022. A monk at Saint-Pierre-le-Vif in Sens in France, he became Bishop of Orleans.

Theodoric Feb 2
+ 880. Third Bishop of Ninden in Germany.

Theodoric (Thierry, Theodericus) July 1
+ c 533. Abbot of Mont d'Or near Rheims in the north of France.

Theodoric Aug 5
+ 863. Bishop of Cambrai-Arras in the north of France c 830-863.

Theodosius Feb 14
+ 554. Bishop of Vaison in France and predecessor of St Quinidius.

Theodosius July 17
+ 516. Bishop of Auxerre in France c 507-516.

Theodosius, Lucius, Mark and Peter Oct 25
+ 269. Members of a group of fifty soldiers martyred in Rome under Claudius II.

Theodulphus (Thiou) June 24
+ 776. Third Abbot of Lobbes in Belgium.

Theodulus, Anesius, Felix, Cornelia and Companions March 31
? Martyrs in North Africa.

Theodulus (Theodore) of Grammont Aug 17
4th cent? An early Bishop of Valais who was much revered in Switzerland and Savoy.

Theofrid (Theofroy) Jan 26
+ c 690. A monk at Luxeuil in France who became Abbot of Corbie and a bishop.

Theofrid (Theofroy, Chaifre) Oct 19
+ 728. Born in Orange in the south of France, he became monk and Abbot of Carmery-en-Velay (Monastier-Saint-Chaffre). He died at the hands of invading Saracens and has been venerated as a martyr ever since.

Theonestus Oct 30
+ 425. By tradition Bishop of Philippi in Macedonia, driven out by the Arians. He was sent with companions (among whom was St Alban of Mainz) to enlighten Germany. However, in Mainz they were obliged to flee from invading Vandals and on their way Theonestus was martyred in Altino in Italy.

Theophilus Apr 27
+ c 427. Bishop of Brescia in Italy and the successor of St Gaudentius.

Thiento and Companions Aug 10
+ 955. Abbot of Wessobrunn in Bavaria in Germany, he was martyred with six of his monks by invading Hungarians.

Thomian (Toimen) Jan 10
+ c 660. Archbishop of Armagh in Ireland 623-c 660.

Thorgyth (Tortgith) Jan 25
+ c 700. Nun at the convent of Barking in England with St Ethelburgh. She is described as a miracle of patience under suffering.

Thurketyl (Turketil) July 11
887-975. Of Danish origin, he restored the monastery of Crowland in England, which had been destroyed by the pagan Danes. He was also abbot of the monastery at Bedford.

Tiberius, Modestus and Florentia Nov 10
+ 303? Martyrs under Diocletian at Agde in the south of France.

Tiburtius, Valerian and Maximus Apr 14
3rd century? Martyrs in Rome.

Tiburtius Aug 11
+ c 288. A martyr in Rome. He was later connected with the soldier-martyr St Sebastian and was entombed at the Via Lavicana.

Tigernach (Tigernake, Tierney, Tierry) Apr 4
+ 549. Abbot of Clones, he succeeded St Macartin as Bishop at Clogher in Ireland.

Tigides and Remedius Feb 3
6th century? Two bishops who succeeded one another in Gap in France.

Tigridia (or Trigidia) Nov 22
+ c 925. A daughter of Count Sancho Garcia who founded for her the convent of Oña, near Burgos in Spain.

Tilbert (Gilbert) Sept 7
+ 789. Bishop of Hexham in Northumbria in England 781-789.

Tillo (Thillo, Thielman, Théau, Tilloine, Tillon, Tilman) Jan 7
+ c 702. Born in Saxony in Germany, he was abducted by robbers and enslaved. Freed by St Eligius of Noyon, he became a monk at Solignac and enlightened the area around Tournai and Courtrai in Belgium.

Timothy, Polius and Eutychius May 21
? Three deacons in Mauretania Caesariensis in North Africa martyred under Diocletian.

Timothy Aug 22
+ c 306. A martyr in Rome under Diocletian. His relics were enshrined in a chapel near the church of St Paul-outside-the-Walls and venerated there.

Timothy Dec 19
+ c 250. A deacon burnt alive in North Africa under Decius.

Titian Jan 16
+ 650. For thirty years a bishop near Venice in Italy.

Titian March 3
+ c 536. Germanic by birth, he became Bishop of Brescia in Italy.

Titus Aug 16
+ c 410 A deacon martyred during the sack of Rome by the Goths while he was distributing alms to the half-starved population.

Tochumra June 11
? A holy virgin venerated in Kilmore in Ireland. She was called on by women in labour.

Tola March 30
+ c 733. Abbot and Bishop of Disert Tola in Meath in Ireland.

Torpes Apr 29
+ c 65. A martyr in Pisa in Italy under Nero.

Torquatus, Ctesiphon, Secundus, Indaletius, Caecilius, Hesychius and Euphrasius May 15
1st cent. According to tradition, they were disciples of the Apostles sent to enlighten Spain. They worked chiefly in the South, as follows: Torquatus in Guadix near Granada; Ctesiphon in Verga; Secundus in Avila; Indaletius in Urci near Almeria; Caecilius in Granada; Hesychius in Gibraltar; Euphrasius in Andujar. Most of them suffered martyrdom. The Mozarabic liturgy had a common feast for all seven.

Tranquillinus July 6
+ c 288. A martyr in Rome connected with St Sebastian.

Trason, Pontian and Praetextatus Dec 11
+ c 302. Martyrs in Rome under Diocletian, put to death for ministering to Christian prisoners awaiting martyrdom.

Trea Aug 3
5th cent. Converted to Orthodoxy by St Patrick, she spent the rest of her life as an anchoress in Ardtree in Derry in Ireland.

Tremorus Nov 7
6th cent. Infant son of St Triphina, he was murdered in Carhaix in Brittany by his stepfather, Count Conmore. He is the patron saint of Carhaix.

Tressan (Trésain) Feb 7
+ 550. A missionary from Ireland, he was ordained priest by St Remigius and preached in Mareuil on the Marne in France.

Triduna (Tredwall, Trallen) Oct 8
8th century? A virgin connected with St Regulus in Scotland. Her shrine was a centre of devotion and pilgrimage.

Trien (Trienan) March 22
5th cent. A disciple of St Patrick and Abbot of Killelga in Ireland.

Trier (Martyrs of) Oct 6
+ 287. Innumerable martyrs were slain for Christ in divers ways in Trier in Germany during the persecution of Diocletian.

Trillo (Drillo, Drel) June 15
6th cent. Patron saint of two places in Gwynedd in Wales.

Triphina July 5
6th cent. The mother of St Tremorus the infant-martyr. She spent the latter years of her life in a convent in Brittany.

Triverius Jan 16
+ 550. Born in Neustria, he showed spiritual sensitivity from childhood. He lived as a hermit near the monastery of Thérouanne until he moved to Dombes. The village of Saint Trivier in France commemorates his name.

Trojan (Troyen) Nov 30
+ 533. A priest in Saintes in France where he later became bishop after St Vivien.

Trophimus and Theophilus July 23
+ c 302. Martyrs beheaded in Rome under Diocletian.

Trophimus Dec 29
+ c 280. First Bishop of Arles in France.

Trudo (Trudon, Tron, Trond, Truyen, Trudjen) Nov 23
+ c 695. A monk with St Remaclus, he was ordained by St Clodulf of Metz and eventually founded a monastery (c 660), which was called St Trond after him. It is situated between Louvain and Tongres in Belgium.

Trudpert Apr 26
+ c ? 644. A hermit, possibly from Ireland, who lived in Münstethal in Germany. He may later have been murdered. The monastery of St Trudpert was built on the site.

Trumwin Feb 10
+ c 704. Appointed in 681 by St Theodore and King Edfrid as Bishop of the Southern Picts in Scotland, he set up his diocese at the monastery of Abercorn on the Firth of Forth. In 685 King Egfrid was killed by the Picts and St Trumwin and all his monks had to flee. He retired to Whitby in England and lived an exemplary monastic life there.

Tryphonia Oct 18
3rd cent. A widow martyred in Rome.

Tuda Oct 21
+ 664. An monk from Ireland who succeeded St Colman as Bishop of Lindisfarne in England. He died of the plague within the first year of his appointment.

Tudno June 5
6th cent. Llandudno in Wales is named after him.

Tudwal (Tugdual) Nov 30
+ c 564. A monk from Wales who went to Brittany and became Bishop of Tréguier. Three places in the Lleyn Peninsular in Gwynedd recall him and his relics are still honoured in Tréguier.

Tudy (Tudclyd, Tybie) Jan 30
5th century? A virgin in Wales. Llandydie church in Dyfed is named after her.

Tudy (Tudinus, Tegwin, Thetgo) May 11
5th cent. A disciple of St Brioc in Brittany. He was a hermit and then an abbot near Landevennec in Brittany. Like St Brioc he also spent some time in Cornwall, where a church and parish still bear his name.

Turiaf (Turiav, Turiavus) July 13
+ c 750. He succeeded St Samson as Bishop of Dol in Brittany.

Turibius of Astorga Apr 16
+ c 460. Bishop of Astorga in Spain and a valiant defender of Orthodoxy.

Turibius of Palencia Apr 16
+ c 528. Founder of the monastery of Liébana in Asturias in Spain.

Turninus July 17
8th cent. An priest from Ireland who worked with St Foillan in Holland and also near Antwerp in Belgium.

Tutilo March 28
+ c 915. A gifted and artistic monk at St Gall in Switzerland.

Tuto (Totto) May 14
+ 930. A monk and Abbot of St Emmeram in Regensburg in Germany, where he later became bishop.

Tuto (Totto) Nov 19
+ 815. Founder in 764 of the monastery of Ottobeuren in Bavaria in Germany.

Twelve Holy Brothers Sept 1
+ c 303? The relics of several groups of martyrs who had suffered in the south of Italy were brought together and enshrined at Benevento in 760. The various groups who comprised the so-called 'Twelve Brothers' or Martyrs of the South are: (1) Aug 27. In Potenza in the Basilicata, Arontius or Orontius, Honoratus, Fortunatus and Sabinian. (2) Aug 28. In Venosa in Apulia, Septiminus, Januarius and Felix. (3) Aug 29. In Velleianum in Apulia, Vitalis, Sator (or Satyrus) and Repositus. (4) Sept 1. In Sentianum in Apulia, Donatus and another Felix.

Tydecho Dec 17
6th cent. Brother of St Cadfan in Wales. He and his sister lived in Gwynedd. Several churches are dedicated to him.

Tydfil Aug 23
+ c 480. Venerated in Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, where she was slain by the heathen.

Tysilio (Tyssel, Tyssilo, Suliau) Nov 8
7th cent. A prince who became Abbot of Meifod in Powys and founded several churches in other parts of Wales.



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