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Ulched (Ulchad, Ylched) Apr 6
? A holy man who gave his name to Llechulched in Anglesey in Wales.

Ulfrid (Wolfred, Wilfrid) Jan 18
+ 1028. Born in England, he became a missionary in Germany and Sweden. He was martyred for destroying an image of Thor.

Ulphia (Wulfia, Olfe, Wulfe) Jan 31
8th cent. By tradition she lived as a hermitess near Amiens in France, her spiritual father being the hermit St Domitius. A convent was later built on the site of her tomb.

Ulric of Einsiedeln May 29
+ c 978. Son of St Gerold, he became a monk at the monastery of Einsiedeln in Switzerland. After his father's death he retired to live as a hermit in the latter's cell.

Ulric (Uldaricus, Udalric) July 4
c 890-973. Born in Augsburg in Germany, at the age of seven he was sent to the monastery of St Gall in Switzerland. In 923 he became Bishop of Augsburg and protected his people against the invading Magyars. In his old age he lived as a monk at St Gall. In 993 he became the first person to be canonised by the Pope of Rome.

Ultan May 2
7th cent. Born in Ireland, he was the brother of Sts Fursey and Foillan and a monk with them at Burgh Castle near Yarmouth in England. From there he went to Belgium, where he was welcomed by St Gertrude of Nivelles. He served as a priest in the convent there until he succeeded St Foillan as Abbot of Fosses and Peronne.

Ultan Aug 8
8th cent. Born in Ireland, he was a priest at the monastery of St Peter in Crayke in Yorkshire in England. He excelled in the art of illumination.

Ultan Sept 4
7th cent. Bishop of Ardbraccan in Ireland, St Ultan was noted for his love for children and for the writings of St Brigid.

Uni (Unni, Unno, Huno) Sept 17
+ 936. A monk at New Corvey in Germany, in 917 he became Bishop of Bremen-Hamburg. He helped enlighten Sweden and Denmark and reposed in Birka in Sweden.

Urban of Langres Apr 2
+ c 390. Sixth Bishop of Langres in France from 374 on. In parts of Burgundy he was honoured as the patron-saint of vine dressers.

Urban Apr 6
+ c 940. Abbot of the Monastery of Pe˝alba near Astorga in Spain.

Urban I May 25
+ 230. Born in Rome, he succeeded St Callistus as Pope of Rome (222-230). At that time the Church enjoyed relative peace.

Urban Dec 7
+ c 356. Bishop of Teano in Campania in Italy.

Urbitius March 20
+ c 420. Bishop of Metz in the east of France. He built a church in honour of St Felix of Nola which became the church of the monastery of St Clement.

Urbitius (┌rbez) Dec 15
+ c 805. By tradition he was born in Bordeaux and became a monk in France but became a prisoner of the Saracens and was taken to Spain. He managed to escape and settled as a hermit in the valley of Nocito in the Pyrenees near Huesca.

Urciscenus June 21
+ c 216. Seventh Bishop of Pavia in Italy c 183-216.

Urith of Chittlehampton July 8
+ 6th cent? She was probably a nun martyred by pagan English invaders at Chittlehampton in Devon. Her shrine was in the village church there, where her relics may still be buried under the floor.

Ursicinus June 19
+ c 67. A doctor in Ravenna in Italy. Sentenced to death for being a Christian, he wavered but was encouraged by the soldier St Vitalis and accepted martyrdom.

Ursicinus July 24
+ c 380. Fourth Bishop of Sens in France and an opponent of Arianism.

Ursicinus Oct 2
+ 760. Abbot of Dissentis in Switzerland, he became Bishop of Chur in 754.

Ursicinus Dec 1
+ c 347. Bishop of Brescia in Italy, he took part in the Council of Sardica. His shrine still exists in Brescia.

Ursicinus Dec 20
+ c 585. Bishop of Cahors in France. He is often mentioned by St Gregory of Tours.

Ursicinus Dec 20
+ c 625. Born in Ireland, he was a disciple of St Columbanus. He founded the monastery of St Ursanne from which the town in Switzerland takes its name.

Ursinus Nov 9
3rd cent. First Bishop of Bourges in France.

Ursmar Apr 19
+ 713. Abbot-bishop of the Monastery of Lobbes on the Sambre and founder of Aulne and Wallers, also in present-day Belgium. His work as a bishop in Flanders was of great importance.

Ursula and Companions Oct 21
4th cent.? Early and famous virgin-martyrs in Cologne in Germany.

Ursus Feb 1
6th cent. Born in Ireland, he preached against Arianism in the south of France and later went to Aosta in Italy.

Ursus Apr 13
+ 396. Born in a noble family in Sicily, he converted and fled from his father's wrath to Ravenna in Italy, where he became bishop in 378.

Ursus July 30
+ 508. A hermit at the church of St Amator in Auxerre in France, he was made bishop of that city when he was aged seventy-five.

Ust (Justus) Aug 12
? The town of St Just, a few miles from Penzance in Cornwall, is named after this hermit.

Utto Oct 3
c 750-820. Founder of the monastery of Metten in Bavaria in Germany.



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